Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Release Day from Torquere Books & Prizm Books

Full Moon Dating: Aiden and Ben
By: Julia Talbot
38 pages / 10100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-525-6
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When Aiden goes to Wyoming on the dime of the Full Moon Dating service, he doesn’t really think he and country wolf Ben will be right for each other. He just wants some time off from city life.
Ben knows better right away. He and Aiden are meant to be together, despite Aiden’s city ways and cluelessness about being a werewolf. Can he convince Aiden to stay with him, or will Ben, and Full Moon Dating have to write this one off as a mistake?

Winter's Trial
By: Darren Endymion
492 pages / 145500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-520-1
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Cursed to be a Three Form, blessed to be a True Mate, Austin's life is a nightmare. He is hated and bullied by his pack because under his timid exterior lies the strength and savagery of a Hybrid werewolf. Only the thoughts of his True Mate, and his desperate desire to escape his pack, sustain him through the daily abuse.
When Cristiano finds Austin, things go from bad to worse. The True Mates must keep their connection a secret as Cris is inducted into a conspiracy for rebellion. The pack's trust in Cris grows even as their loathing for Austin spirals into escalated violence. Soon Cris and Austin are drawn into a battle for control over Austin’s pack. Both sides will gladly exploit Austin -- his strength, the venom in his claws and bite, and his inability to leave the pack.
However, though Austin is both gentle and savage, more than anything he is vulnerable. He and Cris have one last chance at getting away and finding a new pack to take them in. Because unless he and Cris can get out, neither of them is likely to survive the coming storm.

Hot Shot
By: Kate Roman
28 pages / 7800 words
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Disgraced lawyer Simon West has always called himself 'bi-curious'. But when hunky photographer Russ offers him some modeling work to pay the bills, it quickly turns into something more. Simon can't keep his eyes, or his hands, to himself, and it's clear Russ returns his passion. The more Simon knows about Russ, the more Simon wants him -- in every way. Can Simon find the courage to give Russ everything?

The Second Mango
By: Shira Glassman
165 pages / 46600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-519-5
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Queen Shulamit never expected to inherit the throne of the tropical land of Perach so young. At twenty, grief-stricken and fatherless, she's also coping with being the only lesbian she knows after her sweetheart ran off for an unknown reason. Not to mention, she's the victim of severe digestive problems that everybody think she's faking. When she meets Rivka, an athletic and assertive warrior from the north who wears a mask and pretends to be a man, she finds the source of strength she needs so desperately.
Unfortunately for her, Rivka is straight, but that's okay -- Shulamit needs a surrogate big sister just as much as she needs a girlfriend. Especially if the warrior's willing to take her around the kingdom on the back of her dragon in search of other women who might be open to same-sex romance. The real world outside the palace is full of adventure, however, and the search for a royal girlfriend quickly turns into a rescue mission when they discover a temple full of women turned to stone by an evil sorcerer.
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edited by Vincent Diamond
From tight ends to sliding home to running into love, Scoring collects seven sports stories that are scintillating, sweaty, and sexy. Hard bodies on the baseball field, the cricket field, the hockey rink or the track, these are men all about playing sports and scoring, in more ways than one.
Genre: Anthology, Mostly Contemporary Tales
Individual Stories:
Goaltender's Penalty
by V. L. Locey
Being a fan of ice hockey is not for the faint of heart, just ask Daryl Hamilton. Neither is being accidently clobbered by the golden-haired, hot-enough-to-melt-the-ice-he-skates-upon goalie, Ryan Amirault. Can these two turn an ill-placed punch into a steamy relationship filled with more pleasurable forms of full contact sports?
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Sports Romance
The Slide Home
by Jena Wade
Joining a slow-pitch softball league sounded like a good idea, but when the hot team captain shows up at Randy’s door after a game Randy might have a chance to score more than just runs.
Genre: Contemporary
The National Game
by G.S. Wiley
In the dying days of the Raj, Phillip Leaming learns about sport, love and the upcoming war on the cricket pitch in Lahore, India. With the world about to implode in a world war, can two such different men find common ground?
Genre: Historical

Summertime Blues
by M. Durango
Adam’s job as an equipment manager with a minor league baseball team keeps him on the road much of the summer, and it’s starting to put a strain on his relationship with Will. Halfway across the country, Will’s dealing with his own loneliness and temptations.
Genre: Contemporary

All That is Gold
by Indra Vaughn
For as long as he can remember, Brody has concentrated on nothing but running... and winning. But an old injury and a distracting sports therapist could be enough to keep him from his lonely quest for Olympic Gold.
Genre: Contemporary
Balls and Strikes
by Sean Michael
Big league pitcher Mac is having a bad summer and needs his Dom in the worst way. They don't do that during the season, though. How is he going to survive until fall?
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM
Calling the Shots
by Katherine Halle
Cal "Bullet" Thompson is pitching for the San Antonio Missions while he rehabs from a pulled hamstring.  He's going through the motions, biding his time, until catcher Todd "Dusty" Springfield pulls on a catcher's mask and squats down behind home plate.
What will it take for them to form the perfect battery, both on and off the field?
Genre: Contemporary, Sports, Romance

Ghost Sight
by Morwen Navarre
When Gerry is injured, he immediately falls in love with his healer. But when Ghost disappears, the hunter must find his beloved before it is too late.
Genre: Fantasy

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