Saturday, August 17, 2013

New From Rebel Ink Press~~August 17


Nick Santa Rosa

Adult Cont

Rebel Ink Press


I didn’t mean to hurt her.  I didn’t mean for it to work out the way it did.  I didn’t mean for things to get out of hand.  Like so many things in life, it just happened, and I didn’t have the strength to stop it.

I met Laurie by chance.  A common cause threw us together, and we became friends.  She was so pretty and charming and intelligent, and she seemed to find me interesting.  I was flattered.  I was blinded...


Love & Demons

JL Oiler

Paranormal Romance


Katrina Rush is a special task force officer assigned to take down on of the city’s biggest arms dealers. Unfortunately, not all her team is on board with the idea. When several of the group turn traitor and assassinate their comrades, Kat is faced with the accusations that she is to blame for the treachery.

Barak if a demon from the inworld that has come to the outer plane to find a woman to be his bride. When he catches Kat’s scent, he knows he has found the right one. Now all he needs to do is save her from the bad guys, help her revenge her fallen teammates, and convince her to be his Zi-mate. The fact that the glamour hiding his true nature he borrowed from a witch might make it a bit more difficult.


One True Love

Jane Wakely

Paranormal Romance


Dawn only wanted to spend her life with one man. Despite his secrets, she knew Victor was meant for her. As their relationship grew, she patiently waited for the trust he never gave until he unexpectedly said goodbye and disappeared leaving no way to be found. He took his secret and left her with a broken heart. 

He should have stayed away from her, but the pull was too great. Victor wanted to know what it felt like to be held by the one woman destined for him, his
one true love. But he was in too deep. The thought of seeing Dawn look at him with hatred or disgust was worse than spending an eternity alone. She’d be able to love again and never know what a true monster he was.

After six months of watching them live in misery, a mutual friend persuades both Victor and Dawn to agree to a blind date in an effort to try and move on. Neither suspects their friend’s plan and soon they find themselves sharing a hotel room at an exclusive resort for the weekend. Desperate for each other, they agree to one last night together—until that one night of passion changes everything.


Untie Me

Cassandre Dayne

Erotic Romance


Callie Bennett was a rough and tumble gal who loved the fact she could drink a man under the table and still maintain her composure. Determined to be the next rodeo star on the circuit, she lived and breathed roping and riding, something the other all male cowboys seemed to resent her for. Paying no attention to their sometimes ugly comments, she bulldozed her way through, winning event after event. After being awarded the very last and highly coveted spot on the event of the year, one showcasing only the best with a salary to match, she was the talk of the town. And not in a good way. While her professional life was exactly where she wanted, her personal life was something else entirely. No man had the nerve to date one some called a shameless hussy.

Zane Shepard was one pissed off cowboy. A damn woman booted his best friend and partner off the rodeo team and he hated her like nobody’s business. The daunting news? He was also so attracted to her he fantasized every night about taking her rough and tumble style. However sleeping with the enemy wasn’t an option. When he found himself in a very compromising position with the red headed filly, he couldn’t hold back his charm. And then she punched him and the gloves were off. Now he was determined to shortcut her domineering ways and he knew just how to do it too. The thought of tying her down literally a powerful aphrodisiac, he developed a strategy and perhaps a deal with the devil himself. Too bad she had a rather kinky plan of her own and one that might just take them into pure ecstasy – the most sensuous ride of their life – if they could come to terms with their differences.


Broken Wings

Alex Jones

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Fear. It was the twitch in his subconscious, like a word stuck in his throat he could never quite say.

Adrian’s life is simple: go to work, come home, look no one in the eye. If you don’t take risks, you won’t die. That’s what life has taught him, and in the urban sprawl of the industrial Oregon coast, it’s kept him alive. He hasn’t had a panic attack in months.

Then one night, a winged man named Cassius makes a crash landing on his doorstep. Out of fear of the government Adrian hides him. But Cassius is more than he seems and when the winged shifter’s haunted past comes knocking, Adrian learns the true meaning of fear. He must find the courage to face the darkness or risk losing the man he has grown to love.


The Cowgirl Way

Bethany Cross

Western/Cont Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Jesse Morlan is a cowgirl in every sense of the word. Born on a ranch in Montana, when her mother died during childbirth, her father, Jeb Morlan, and his partner, Chief, took over her raising. Without the influence of a mother, Jesse learns to out ride, out smart and out talk every man she runs across. Her father’s death leaves Jesse to take over where he left off; becoming the best trainer of cutting horses in the state leaving her little time for a love life.

Joseph Wolfe returns to the ranch after years of being away to take his place as rightful heir when the ailing Chief calls. But for Joseph, taking on the care of his elderly uncle and the responsibilities of half of such a large and successful ranch are nothing compared to the uncertainty he faces seeing Jesse again.

Separated at such a tender age and under such extenuating circumstances; will she allow him to explain why he had to leave so long ago without as much as a goodbye? Or will she slap his face and send him on his way in that self-protecting, Cowgirl Way?  


Red Shoes

Donna Steele

Cont Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Nikki Setzer thought she knew what she wanted and transformed herself to get it. Now she's having to do it again, to escape.

Micah Allen is in a new town starting his own law firm on a shoestring. The last thing he wants to do is harm some woman he keeps running into, literally. But they do keep running into each other and this woman definitely has some secrets.

Can Nikki allow Micah to get close? How much danger is he in if she does? This place is beginning to feel like a home with friends. Does she dare let down her guard?

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