Monday, August 12, 2013

Latest Releases from Breathless Press

Captain Jack’s Rose by Rhiannon Wellman
Contemporary Romance
Heat Rating: 2
ISBN: 978-1-77101-159-4
Words: 10469

Capitan Jack Edwards never believed in destiny, but being in the right place at the time when Rose needed him most, had to be more than luck. 
Rose, the image of every school teacher a teenage boy got crushes on, kept her hair in a tight bun that made Jack long to shake it loose. And her students loved her. 
Jack couldn't be any more different. As Capitan in the British Army, he was rougher around the edges that he'd like to admit. Together they worked, but can he convince Rose that he's all an officer and a gentleman should be? 
While showing the children and Rose the delights of the town, Jack tries to woo her. However, when he can't make promises most women want to hear, will he go back to England and re-enlist? Or will she give him a reason to stay?

If I was Your Man by Remmy Duchene
M/M Contemporary
Heat rating: 4
ISBN: 978-1-77101-1161-7
Words: 22185

When Christophe's best friend tells him he needs to get out more, he reluctantly agrees. He never imagined that one bold step would change everything.

Christophe LaFavre is a Real Estate mogul. When it comes to business no one does it better. But when it comes to love, he just can't seem to get it right. When his best friend talks him into going to a club to meet someone, he does it. What he didn't expect was to find someone who made his body burn from the very first time their eyes meet through their masquerade masks. To make matters worse—this stranger is hell bent on teaching Christophe a few lessons, lessons that burns his body and tempts his heart.

Timeless Valentine by JM Powers
Magic Stone Series, Book Two
Fantasy Romance
Heat Rating: 2
ISBN: 978-1-77101-166-2

A hot guy drops a stone on Kerry's teller station—claiming it led him to her. Twin dimples, eyes bluer than a summer sky, and an English accent sends tingles to places she's ignored since her divorce. This is just the beginning of Kerry's journey out of self-hate and into a life where she feels alive again. All because of this strange man, Wren. 

And his stupid magic stone.

Kiss & Tell by Monica Corwin
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-152-5
Heat Rating: 3

In a world of one night stands and friends with benefits, Tony is ready to experience all life has to offer, if only Jeremy could allow her to forget his hands, his mouth, and his proposal.

Tonya McGregor has everything a girl could want except...a man. Well, she has a man, just not one she wants. Transferred overseas to her international office, her father intends to teach her about the market. Instead of learning the lay of the land, she starts learning the men, including her sexy ex across the hall. On the advice of her best friend, Tonya takes a more active role in her love life, effectively ruining it for good. 
Jeremy Brandt left New York City to get away from the rejection, the pain, and humiliation of falling for the boss's daughter. Self imposed exile in South Korea turns distracting once Tonya sweeps into the Seoul office. Sleepless nights and long days spent between Tony's thighs ignite emotions Jeremy thought he buried long ago. 
The mistake of a lifetime throws Tonya back into Jeremy's arms and each day that passes they drive closer to finally holding on to something real or losing it forever.

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