Friday, August 23, 2013

In Or Out? The followup to Friends Or Lover?

I'm excited to announce that In Or Out? is now available. This is the followup to Friends Or Lovers?
my submission for the Goodreads MM event.

Shane and Nick had their fun on the island, but now it's back to real life where Mark is making Shane's life hell. When Shane moves in with his sexy new boss, Brian, Nick can't help but be jealous. And he has plenty of reasons to wonder what's happening with Shane and Brian.

Guilt twists Brian in knots, leaving him feeling empty and unsatisfied with life. He knew about Mark's secrets and even shared in them. Now he has the opportunity to make it up to Shane, but will he stop at being a friend or will he try to split Nick and Shane up before they have an opportunity to be lovers? Brian wants what he's never had before—true love. But who exactly will he find love with?

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