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29 Aug ~ Changeling Press New Releases

New From Changeling Press ~ 29 August 2013

Takedown by Shelby Morgen and Marteeka Karland
Takedown by Shelby Morgen and Marteeka Karland
Memphis Heat 4

(Erotic Shifter IR Romance, MF)

Memphis, Tennessee. Two packs fight for the heart of the city -- one old world, one new. The Russian mob and the MPD stand at odds, the city of Memphis caught in their crossfire.

Their growing pack at their backs, the new Alphas plan to leave their enemies in the dust. But it's their friends they should be watching out for.

When the final takedown comes, there will only be one Alpha standing.

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Saved by Moonlight by Sarah Mäkelä
Saved by Moonlight by Sarah Mäkelä

(Erotic Paranormal/Shifter Romance, MF)

When Sylvi comes home to find someone lurking in the apartment she shares with her boyfriend, she realizes her life is in danger. Lukas arrives in time to defend her from the intruder, but she's shocked to learn Lukas is really a werewolf! Can their love survive his revelation?

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Waking Up With Rachel by J.D. Laurel
Waking Up With Rachel by J.D. Laurel

(Contemporary Erotica, MF)

Rachel is a mature, beautiful woman who uses men to satisfy her and then discards them when she's done. She likes it that way -- until he walks in the cafe. A cop willing to challenge her power. One man she can respect. One man she could love.

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Hot River (Collection) by Kate Hill
Hot River (Collection) by Kate Hill

(Erotic Paranormal/Shifter BBW Romance, MF)

Magic and lust tempt the supernatural residents of Hot River.

Invisible to uninvited humans, Hot River winds its way through the supernatural world, straight through the lands of good magic and into the Wicked Wild where the evil and enticing dwell.

Triple Shot Tracy: Little does Tracy know that when she drives into Hot River Campground she's about to enter a real life and very adult fairytale.

Sixty-Nine Sadie: Only a certain type of woman can release Hugo from his curse and he has spent ages looking for her. It seems his chance for freedom is over, until Sadie arrives with the power to set him free in every way.

Second Chance Charity: Shane makes Charity question everything she thinks she knows about men -- and sex. In spite of his origins Shane had a tender side that's hard to resist, even for the Werewolf Queen.

Noodlin' For Nadine: Nadine is just a water nymph lazing about in her favorite underwater cave when she feels a pair of pleasantly rough male hands rubbing her in all the right places. The man of her dreams has found her, but is their love strong enough to cross the boundary between water and land?

Sugar Plums: A sulky frost giant stumbles upon a powerful, lonely and surprisingly passionate winter icon and they learn just how enchanting the holiday season can be.

Publisher's Note: The books of the Hot River collection -- Triple Shot Tracy, Sixty-Nine Sadie, Second Chance Charity, Noodlin' For Nadine and Sugar Plums -- have been previously published as individual titles.

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Rescue Party (Lucky Springs #8) is out! By Cheryl Dragon

Rescue Party
Lucky Springs Book 8
by Cheryl Dragon
Released 8/28/13 by Resplendence Publishing
MMMF I/R Erotic Romance

Blurb: When a flash flood hits Lucky Springs, Kacy Hillen tries to make it to the shelter of the high school gym to help others. Her car gets stalled in high water, but three hot men come to her rescue. On the outside, Kacy is all about achievement and independence, not man crazy. On the inside, she wants a string of men adoring and pleasing her, so this is a fantasy come true. And she even knows the men! Steve and Dean are a gay couple she had no idea was bisexual, plus Clay who screwed as many girls in high school as possible but now seems to go both ways. Kacy is exploring a whole new side of her fantasy life, and they haven’t even invited her to a party…yet!

Torquere Press New Release Day

Scoring Anthology
Edited By: Vincent Diamond
212 pages / 59700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-528-7
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Also available in paperback at
From tight ends to sliding home to running into love, Scoring collects seven sports stories that are scintillating, sweaty, and sexy. Hard bodies on the baseball field, the cricket field, the hockey rink or the track, these are men all about playing sports and scoring, in more ways than one. Of course, they love their sports, they love their fans, and they also love the men who play along.
V. L. Locey's "Goaltender's Penalty" focuses on the harsh world of ice hockey with a seemingly mismatched couple who are just right for each other. M. Durango contributes "Summertime Blues", a lovely piece about baseball. G.S. Wiley writes intriguingly about cricket in 1930s India in "The National Game", and Indra Vaughn's "All That is Gold" focuses on the lone challenge in running track. Jena Wade contributes "The Slide Home", with charming lovers from America's favorite past-time. Katherine Halle gives us "Calling the Shots", a baseball love story. And Sean Michael has written "Balls and Strikes", a BDSM-tinged tale of the men on the diamond. 
Pick up Scoring and score some romantic, sexy tales all about sporting--and loving-- to win.

All That is Gold
By: Indra Vaughn
24 pages / 7000 words
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The track is Brody’s home, his enemy, his love. For as long as Brody can remember he has been preparing for this: a chance to place for the Olympic ten kilometer race. A barely healed Achilles injury and a distracting sports therapist are all that stands between him and his lonely goal.
Story also appears in the Scoring anthology.

Balls and Strikes
By: Sean Michael
22 pages / 5600 words
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It's not easy being a major league baseball player who's in the closet, but that's what Mac and Dove have to do in order to have their careers and each other. When Mac has an especially frustrating day, he knows he needs to deal with it himself. So imagine his surprise when Dove appears at his hotel door: they don't do this during the season. Is Dove changing the rules? And if so, can Mac follow?
Story also appears in the Scoring anthology.

Calling the Shots
By: Katherine Halle
41 pages / 12200 words
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Cal "Bullet" Thompson is pitching for the San Antonio Missions while he rehabs from a pulled hamstring. It's taking longer than originally planned for him to get back to the San Diego Padres, or The Show.  He's going through the motions, biding his time, until catcher Todd "Dusty" Springfield pulls on a catcher's mask and squats down behind home plate.
Todd is a fresh bundle of smiles, energy, wit, curly blond hair and bright blue eyes. Within a few pitches he's reading Cal like a book and giving him the signals for the pitches he wants to throw. Cal can already tell they're going to work well together and Todd is going to go far in baseball.
But when Cal is given the all clear and gets called back up to The Show, will all the hard work they've put in both on and off the field go to waste? Or will they continue forming the perfect battery together?
Story also appears in the Scoring anthology.

Goaltender's Penalty
By: V. L. Locey
73 pages / 22700 words
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It was supposed to be a fun-filled night at the arena, cheering on the Harrison Hawks, ogling the blond Acadian god/goalie in the crease, and maybe, if he was really lucky, catching an airborne puck with his hands and not his face.
Unfortunately for Daryl Hamilton, his first minor league ice hockey game ends with him catching something with his face, but it's not a puck. It's the fist of his dream goalie, Ryan Amirault. But while his nose may not be thankful for the badly timed autograph request, Daryl can't say that the rest of him isn't pleased with how things are turning out.
Not only is Ryan turning himself inside out to make things right with Daryl, the spark of attraction between the two men is slowly blazing up into a roaring inferno. The only problem – aside from two black eyes – is that Ryan isn't out, there's a viral video of the nose-crunching encounter, and a rather curious sports reporter is snooping around the daycare center where Daryl works. If their new love can survive all that, it will survive anything.
Story also appears in the Scoring anthology.

Summertime Blues
By: M. Durango
19 pages / 5000 words
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Adam’s on the road with the minor league baseball team as equipment manager; Will’s flying all over the country dealing with one client after another. They haven’t seen each other in weeks, and the strain is starting to show. Adam’s getting crankier by the day, and his teammates are trying to avoid him. On a trip to Atlanta, Will meets Darren, a handsome, aggressive businessman who’s more than willing to overlook Will’s relationship status if Will is. Could more weeks away from his lover lead Will astray or will he find a way to reconnect with Adam?
Story also appears in the Scoring anthology.

The National Game
By: G.S. Wiley
18 pages / 5200 words
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Phillip Leaming has made his home and his life in British-run India. He has a job, an Indian-born lover Rajveer, and a place on the company's amateur cricket team, although he doesn't want one. But the days of British rule in India are numbered, and the winds of war are blowing across the world, stirring up dust wherever they go and leaving Phillip with worries greater than just bowling a googly.
Story also appears in the Scoring anthology.

The Slide Home
By: Jena Wade
22 pages / 6000 words
Buy Link:
After joining a slow-pitch softball team for fun, it ends up being anything but fun for Randy Slater when his high-school crush, David McGraw, spends a majority of the time glaring at him. What's his problem? High School was seven years ago; it was time to move on and grow up. Can Randy and David make it to home base?
Story also appears in the Scoring anthology.

Ghost's Sight
By: Morwen Navarre
85 pages / 25100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-522-5
Buy Link:
When Gerry is injured on a hunt, he is taken to the Witch’s home to save his badly broken leg. There he meets and is intrigued by her enigmatic ward. Ghost is equally captivated by Gerry, but all the young man has ever known is a solitary life as a witch’s apprentice. Gerry wants to make a life with Ghost, and he's willing to leave the security of his family to create a family of their own. Now Ghost must decide if that new family is a chance worth taking, and the choice seems clear: Ghost loves Gerry too much already to say no.
But when Ghost disappears on his way to join Gerry, the young hunter will need to hunt a more dangerous prey to find the missing apprentice, and Ghost will need all his skill to survive until Gerry can find him.
Coming Next Week...

Captive Magic
by Angela Benedetti
Teleporter Breck Bayes has been trapped into working for a demon, with the life of his little sister, Amanda, on the line.  Sentinels are supposed to prevent this sort of thing, but Manny understands family; but the demon notices Manny, who has some useful talents himself, and suddenly it's not only Breck who's in trouble.

Burning Now
by AR Moler
Waking up naked in the ashes of a warehouse fire was not exactly how Vanya Stravinsky planned to start his day.
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Nine Weeks with Griff
by Richard Natale
Marcus is young and on the prowl in New York and the last thing he’s looking for is commitment.  Then he meets Griff and all his plans go out the window.
Genre: Contemporary
By the Numbers: Adding It Up
by Chris Owen and Tory Temple
Trey, Deuce and the dogs are back! But so is Holly, Trey's ex-wife. What happens when Deuce extends an olive branch to her against Trey's wishes?
Genre: Contemporary

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Crash Into Me by K.M. Scott

If you love sexy contemporary romance, you'll love Crash Into Me!

What would you give up for everything?

Tristan Stone was powerful, commanding, sex incarnate. And he wore it all so well. From the moment his mesmerizing gaze met mine, I had no choice but surrender to everything he was. His power. His decadence. His passion. He was all I never knew I needed.

He wanted to possess me, and I wanted to be his everything. All I had to do was accept what he offered. But everything has a price.

The world he gave me fulfilled my wildest dreams, but would that be enough when the past crashed into the present?

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Grand Slam by Lily Harlem and Lucy Felthouse

Grand Slam is the first novel in the Raw Talent Series - grab your copy today!

New Releases from Breathless Press

The Midwife’s Moon by Leona Bushman
The War with the Weres Series, Book 2
Paranormal Romance
Words: 54619
Heat Rating: 3
ISBN: 978-1-77101-160-0

An ex-lover on trial, life as a newly formed werewolf, and a passion kindled; what's a girl to do? Released from depraved control of a psychotic lupa, free to find his mate, and a passion kindled; what's a man to do?

Lisa Sanchez is having a bad couple of years. She was betrayed by her lover and made into a werewolf but she's making the best of her new life...except when it comes to love. Lisa is out of luck in that department until Lance arrives in her not-so-perfect life. 
Lance Navarro once saved his mate from the clutches of his ruthless pack leader by hiding her in a rival pack. Then the packs merged and things got interesting. 
Can Lisa accept that Lance is to be her new mate, and get past the betrayal of the last wolf who made promises? Can Lance protect her from the vindictive pack leader? Or will they end up sharing an early grave?

Island Urges by Sally Max
A Tracks Mark Tale Book One
Science Fiction Romance
Words: 18481
ISBN: 978-1-77101-156-3
Heat Rating: 3

Researching a catastrophic phenomenon that has plagued the planet, special teams of track-marks (genetically altered humans with elemental powers) must secure and collect data from newly formed islands before the competition does—or be get killed.

Firepower track mark Ignacia (Iggy) and her team needs to get information before the competition does. She hopes crashing the governor's ball will let her gain the advantage she desires to be the first to claim the new track of land. She's willing to go alone, but her boss makes her take the last person she wants to see. 
Windpower track mark Calder isn't going let a pesky invitation leave him out of the party. He sneaks onto the grounds for the chance to accompany Iggy on the secure. A tumultuous past behind him, this may be his only chance to get back on a team—if Iggy can stand to be around him again. 
Together, they must face their past or face death as the island seems to hold its own secrets in the sand.

In Or Out? The followup to Friends Or Lover?

I'm excited to announce that In Or Out? is now available. This is the followup to Friends Or Lovers?
my submission for the Goodreads MM event.

Shane and Nick had their fun on the island, but now it's back to real life where Mark is making Shane's life hell. When Shane moves in with his sexy new boss, Brian, Nick can't help but be jealous. And he has plenty of reasons to wonder what's happening with Shane and Brian.

Guilt twists Brian in knots, leaving him feeling empty and unsatisfied with life. He knew about Mark's secrets and even shared in them. Now he has the opportunity to make it up to Shane, but will he stop at being a friend or will he try to split Nick and Shane up before they have an opportunity to be lovers? Brian wants what he's never had before—true love. But who exactly will he find love with?

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22 August ~ Changeling Press New Releases

New From Changeling Press ~ 22 August 2013

Selected Lovers by Zenobia Renquist
Selected Lovers by Zenobia Renquist
Caveat Emptor 7.5 (spinoff)

(Erotic Vampire Romance, MFM)

The war is over, and now it's time to rebuild. Rhea has been chosen at random to sit on a joint council to help decide future relations between mages, vampires, and humans. Jeremy and Colm are appointed her guards. What should have been a simple escort assignment becomes so much more when a spell meant to kill ignites a passionate encounter with Rhea caught in the middle.

Haunted by her desires and craving another threesome, Rhea knows it can't happen. Jeremy is a mage. Colm is a vampire. The men tolerate each other because they're under orders to cooperate. Without another spell to force them, they would never agree to sharing Rhea again. She has to choose -- the mage with a satisfying kiss or the vampire with a passionate bite... or maybe the third option she hasn't yet considered.

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A Familiar Sin by Jessica Coulter Smith
A Familiar Sin by Jessica Coulter Smith
Romance in Moonspell 1

(Erotic Shifter Romance, MF)

Bellamy Crawford might be confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn't mean she's a pushover. Yes, her father may run her life a bit. Okay, a lot, but she's still a strong woman. All she needs is someone to accept her, and her animal, for who she is. And then she meets him -- Seaton McCullough -- the man destined to be her mate! There's just one small problem: Seaton hates cats. As if that isn't enough, someone intends harm to Bellamy.

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Fangs and Floggers by Saloni Quinby
Fangs and Floggers by Saloni Quinby
Weapons of Redemption 5

(Erotic Vampire Romance, MM)

To lure his rebellious blood children back into the fold, ancient vampire Tarun abducted the hunter Adrian. He hadn't bargained on his human prisoner being a match for him in every way -- including his darkest desires.

Now, Tarun is the captive and a player in Adrian's carnal game -- an orgasm for an answer. Though Tarun warns Adrian that he won’t like what he hears, the hunter is determined to uncover the secrets of the vampire's twisted past.

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Swing For #3 by RaeLynn Blue
Swing For #3 by RaeLynn Blue

(Contemporary IR Erotica, MFM)

Tonya and Kirby Cole's visit to the Circus promises to be fun and full of sensual exploration. Fulfilling her fantasy, Tonya wonders if taking something imagined and making it real would damage her relationship with Kirby. After all, not many men would willing invite another man into his marriage bed.

Kirby Cole loves his wife without question. Yet, fulfilling her fantasy of a ménage-a-trois is risky. He isn't one to leave anything to chance. When he and Tonya enter Circus, he has just the perfect arrangement ready for her.

One fantasy. One couple. One night. One chance to push their love to the limit.

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New Release Day from Torquere Books & Prizm Books

Full Moon Dating: Aiden and Ben
By: Julia Talbot
38 pages / 10100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-525-6
Buy Link:
When Aiden goes to Wyoming on the dime of the Full Moon Dating service, he doesn’t really think he and country wolf Ben will be right for each other. He just wants some time off from city life.
Ben knows better right away. He and Aiden are meant to be together, despite Aiden’s city ways and cluelessness about being a werewolf. Can he convince Aiden to stay with him, or will Ben, and Full Moon Dating have to write this one off as a mistake?

Winter's Trial
By: Darren Endymion
492 pages / 145500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-520-1
Buy Link:
Cursed to be a Three Form, blessed to be a True Mate, Austin's life is a nightmare. He is hated and bullied by his pack because under his timid exterior lies the strength and savagery of a Hybrid werewolf. Only the thoughts of his True Mate, and his desperate desire to escape his pack, sustain him through the daily abuse.
When Cristiano finds Austin, things go from bad to worse. The True Mates must keep their connection a secret as Cris is inducted into a conspiracy for rebellion. The pack's trust in Cris grows even as their loathing for Austin spirals into escalated violence. Soon Cris and Austin are drawn into a battle for control over Austin’s pack. Both sides will gladly exploit Austin -- his strength, the venom in his claws and bite, and his inability to leave the pack.
However, though Austin is both gentle and savage, more than anything he is vulnerable. He and Cris have one last chance at getting away and finding a new pack to take them in. Because unless he and Cris can get out, neither of them is likely to survive the coming storm.

Hot Shot
By: Kate Roman
28 pages / 7800 words
Buy Link:
Disgraced lawyer Simon West has always called himself 'bi-curious'. But when hunky photographer Russ offers him some modeling work to pay the bills, it quickly turns into something more. Simon can't keep his eyes, or his hands, to himself, and it's clear Russ returns his passion. The more Simon knows about Russ, the more Simon wants him -- in every way. Can Simon find the courage to give Russ everything?

The Second Mango
By: Shira Glassman
165 pages / 46600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-519-5
Buy Link:
Queen Shulamit never expected to inherit the throne of the tropical land of Perach so young. At twenty, grief-stricken and fatherless, she's also coping with being the only lesbian she knows after her sweetheart ran off for an unknown reason. Not to mention, she's the victim of severe digestive problems that everybody think she's faking. When she meets Rivka, an athletic and assertive warrior from the north who wears a mask and pretends to be a man, she finds the source of strength she needs so desperately.
Unfortunately for her, Rivka is straight, but that's okay -- Shulamit needs a surrogate big sister just as much as she needs a girlfriend. Especially if the warrior's willing to take her around the kingdom on the back of her dragon in search of other women who might be open to same-sex romance. The real world outside the palace is full of adventure, however, and the search for a royal girlfriend quickly turns into a rescue mission when they discover a temple full of women turned to stone by an evil sorcerer.
Coming Next Week...

edited by Vincent Diamond
From tight ends to sliding home to running into love, Scoring collects seven sports stories that are scintillating, sweaty, and sexy. Hard bodies on the baseball field, the cricket field, the hockey rink or the track, these are men all about playing sports and scoring, in more ways than one.
Genre: Anthology, Mostly Contemporary Tales
Individual Stories:
Goaltender's Penalty
by V. L. Locey
Being a fan of ice hockey is not for the faint of heart, just ask Daryl Hamilton. Neither is being accidently clobbered by the golden-haired, hot-enough-to-melt-the-ice-he-skates-upon goalie, Ryan Amirault. Can these two turn an ill-placed punch into a steamy relationship filled with more pleasurable forms of full contact sports?
Genre: Contemporary, M/M, Sports Romance
The Slide Home
by Jena Wade
Joining a slow-pitch softball league sounded like a good idea, but when the hot team captain shows up at Randy’s door after a game Randy might have a chance to score more than just runs.
Genre: Contemporary
The National Game
by G.S. Wiley
In the dying days of the Raj, Phillip Leaming learns about sport, love and the upcoming war on the cricket pitch in Lahore, India. With the world about to implode in a world war, can two such different men find common ground?
Genre: Historical

Summertime Blues
by M. Durango
Adam’s job as an equipment manager with a minor league baseball team keeps him on the road much of the summer, and it’s starting to put a strain on his relationship with Will. Halfway across the country, Will’s dealing with his own loneliness and temptations.
Genre: Contemporary

All That is Gold
by Indra Vaughn
For as long as he can remember, Brody has concentrated on nothing but running... and winning. But an old injury and a distracting sports therapist could be enough to keep him from his lonely quest for Olympic Gold.
Genre: Contemporary
Balls and Strikes
by Sean Michael
Big league pitcher Mac is having a bad summer and needs his Dom in the worst way. They don't do that during the season, though. How is he going to survive until fall?
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM
Calling the Shots
by Katherine Halle
Cal "Bullet" Thompson is pitching for the San Antonio Missions while he rehabs from a pulled hamstring.  He's going through the motions, biding his time, until catcher Todd "Dusty" Springfield pulls on a catcher's mask and squats down behind home plate.
What will it take for them to form the perfect battery, both on and off the field?
Genre: Contemporary, Sports, Romance

Ghost Sight
by Morwen Navarre
When Gerry is injured, he immediately falls in love with his healer. But when Ghost disappears, the hunter must find his beloved before it is too late.
Genre: Fantasy

Available from Z.A. Maxfield, her new release from the Penguin's new imprint line, Intermix. Get ready for My Cowboy Heart (Western/Contemporary M/M)

A Cowboy's Heart has room for anything......maybe even love.

J-Bar ranch foreman Malloy pretty much keeps to himself—slinking around the edges of everybody else like an old coyote, doing his job and staying private. That is until Crispin Carrasco shows up. Lean, muscular, and with a motor mouth that won’t quit, Crispin sparks something in Malloy—something the foreman didn’t know was there. But how does a lone coyote approach the warmth of a fire? And more important, what would happen if that fire burned?

Available for NOW~

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Imprisoned in Stone, by Helen Henderson,

Imprisoned in Stone, the latest fantasy by Helen Henderson, author of the Dragshi Chronicles

Magic imprisoned his soul, but not his will. Love released both.

Romance / Fantasy


For the crime of healing without payment, the Brethren imprisoned Dylan’s soul in stone. After centuries, he felt the touch of another’s mind and hope for escape from his eternal prison soars. However, his potential savor’s is unaware of her latent magic--and her only knowledge of him comes from an eerie message on the wall and nightmarish dreams.
A spell kept secret for generations.
A brotherhood thirsting for power.
Demands that cannot be obeyed.
And in the middle of it all--
A woman who stands to lose everything.

For more on Imprisoned in Stone, an excerpt can be found at
About Helen:

A former feature-story writer and correspondent, Henderson has also written fiction as long as she could remember. Her heritage reflects the contrasts of her Gemini sign. She is a descendent of a coal-miner's daughter and an aviation flight engineer. This dichotomy shows in her writing which crosses genres from historical adventures and westerns to science fiction and fantasy. In the world of romantic fantasy she is the author of two series: Windmaster and the Dragshi Chronicles.

Henderson describes herself as a tour guide to the stars, the Old West, and worlds of imagination and invites you to journey with her. The trip begins at or

A Father for Philip by Judy Griffith Gill

Cover, A Father for PhilipSweet Contemporary Romance

Buy Link:

Book Blurb

Book One in The Little Matchmakers series features Philip, whose mom, Eleanor, might be going to marry a man he hates but what can a little boy do about adult affairs?

Not much, until he enlists the help of his friend, Jeff, who also very much dislikes the idea of Eleanor marrying anyone--because she's already married to him. Trouble is, he left with excellent reason before Philip was born, and stayed away with equally excellent reason for seven years, only to return, incognito, to learn of Eleanor's plan to have him declared legally dead. Even when he and Eleanor are joyfully reunited, he won't tell her why he stayed away. He says he can't.

Can Eleanor accept him back on those terms in order to not only spend the rest of her life with the man she's always adored, but to provide a father for Philip?

If interested in learning more, an excerpt can be found on Judy's website at

About Judy Griffith Gill

Judy Griffith Gill discovered imagination at an early age because there was little entertainment besides books, comics, and cousins in the wilderness where she grew up. She loved all three and with the latter, acted out many scenes from the books and comics, taking the stories far afield from the original authors' aims.

Later she became a writer in her own right. Among her credits are Bantam's former Loveswept line plus a handful or two more for other houses including Harlequin's short-lived Love and Laughter.

Futuristic romance, fantasy romance, even erotica spewed out of her computer, needing only the touch of fingers to the keyboard to release that imagination. Under the auspices of Open Road Integrated Media, Gill's Loveswept list of zany, happy romances as well as other of her works are now available in electronic format.


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New Releases from Breathless Press

Kiss & Tell by Monica Corwin
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-152-5
Heat Rating: 3

In a world of one night stands and friends with benefits, Tony is ready to experience all life has to offer, if only Jeremy could allow her to forget his hands, his mouth, and his proposal.

Tonya McGregor has everything a girl could want except...a man. Well, she has a man, just not one she wants. Transferred overseas to her international office, her father intends to teach her about the market. Instead of learning the lay of the land, she starts learning the men, including her sexy ex across the hall. On the advice of her best friend, Tonya takes a more active role in her love life, effectively ruining it for good. 
Jeremy Brandt left New York City to get away from the rejection, the pain, and humiliation of falling for the boss's daughter. Self imposed exile in South Korea turns distracting once Tonya sweeps into the Seoul office. Sleepless nights and long days spent between Tony's thighs ignite emotions Jeremy thought he buried long ago. 
The mistake of a lifetime throws Tonya back into Jeremy's arms and each day that passes they drive closer to finally holding on to something real or losing it forever.

Timeless Valentine by JM Powers
Magic Stone Series, Book Two
Fantasy Romance
Heat Rating: 2
ISBN: 978-1-77101-166-2

A hot guy drops a stone on Kerry's teller station—claiming it led him to her. Twin dimples, eyes bluer than a summer sky, and an English accent sends tingles to places she's ignored since her divorce. This is just the beginning of Kerry's journey out of self-hate and into a life where she feels alive again. All because of this strange man, Wren. 

And his stupid magic stone.

New from Lee Brazil~ His Admirer

His Admirer
Lime Time Press
Contemporary M/M Romance
Buy at ARe

Be careful what you ask for.

"I’m tired of being taken for granted. I think we need to spend time apart."

Student and aspiring chef Zeke Benedetti feels left out and ignored. The last thing he expected his first boyfriend Gabe Woodbury to do was take him up on his petulant ultimatum.

Zeke only expected to shake things up, open a dialogue, get to know Gabe a little better. Instead, Gabe's blasé, “Okay, Zeke, whatever you want,” leaves him feeling unappreciated.

Miserable and alone, on the verge of begging his lover to take him back, Zeke’s pride—and a secret admirer—throw all his plans up in the air.

Two New Books from Lynn Lorenz

Coliseum Square by Lynn Lorenz
Historical M/M
Amber Allure
Buy at Publisher / Amazon

**Part of the Gothic Gallore Collection at Amber Allure/Amber Quill**

When Mark Madison accepts a position as tutor in New Orleans, he does so to run away from his past. Yet he never once believed the house on Coliseum Square would actually hold the key to his future.
Royal DuCote, the wealthy owner of the house and father to a son named Luc, is dark, sexy, and haunted. Ever since the death of his wife and Luc’s mother, nothing has been the same. Luc refuses to speak or let Royal near him, and putting Luc in school is out of the question, so he hires a tutor for his son. But when he meets Mark Madison, he’s instantly attracted to the younger man.
As tensions build between the Mark and Royal, Luc’s affliction becomes a mystery Mark wants to solve. But will what Mark discovers destroy all that is left of the DuCote family?

Truth or Lie by Lynn Lorenz
M/M Contemporary Fantasy
Amber Allure
Available at Publisher / Amazon

**The Bestseller Ranking for Truth Or Lie was 30 on the Bestseller List!**

Travis Conners is a firefighter who barely made it through high school. Why would Anthony Pappas, an adorable second grade teacher, be interested in him? Travis is willing to find out, if Anthony will give him a chance.
Being descended from a goddess, Anthony Pappas possesses a unique gift—he can tell when people are lying. Sounds good, until your boyfriends all end up lying to you. Anthony’s tired of it. It’s easier not to get involved than to have your heart broken time and time again.
When a little redheaded boy brings the men together, these two heroes will have to find the courage to take a leap of faith and follow their hearts…

Saturday, August 17, 2013

New From Rebel Ink Press~~August 17


Nick Santa Rosa

Adult Cont

Rebel Ink Press


I didn’t mean to hurt her.  I didn’t mean for it to work out the way it did.  I didn’t mean for things to get out of hand.  Like so many things in life, it just happened, and I didn’t have the strength to stop it.

I met Laurie by chance.  A common cause threw us together, and we became friends.  She was so pretty and charming and intelligent, and she seemed to find me interesting.  I was flattered.  I was blinded...


Love & Demons

JL Oiler

Paranormal Romance


Katrina Rush is a special task force officer assigned to take down on of the city’s biggest arms dealers. Unfortunately, not all her team is on board with the idea. When several of the group turn traitor and assassinate their comrades, Kat is faced with the accusations that she is to blame for the treachery.

Barak if a demon from the inworld that has come to the outer plane to find a woman to be his bride. When he catches Kat’s scent, he knows he has found the right one. Now all he needs to do is save her from the bad guys, help her revenge her fallen teammates, and convince her to be his Zi-mate. The fact that the glamour hiding his true nature he borrowed from a witch might make it a bit more difficult.


One True Love

Jane Wakely

Paranormal Romance


Dawn only wanted to spend her life with one man. Despite his secrets, she knew Victor was meant for her. As their relationship grew, she patiently waited for the trust he never gave until he unexpectedly said goodbye and disappeared leaving no way to be found. He took his secret and left her with a broken heart. 

He should have stayed away from her, but the pull was too great. Victor wanted to know what it felt like to be held by the one woman destined for him, his
one true love. But he was in too deep. The thought of seeing Dawn look at him with hatred or disgust was worse than spending an eternity alone. She’d be able to love again and never know what a true monster he was.

After six months of watching them live in misery, a mutual friend persuades both Victor and Dawn to agree to a blind date in an effort to try and move on. Neither suspects their friend’s plan and soon they find themselves sharing a hotel room at an exclusive resort for the weekend. Desperate for each other, they agree to one last night together—until that one night of passion changes everything.


Untie Me

Cassandre Dayne

Erotic Romance


Callie Bennett was a rough and tumble gal who loved the fact she could drink a man under the table and still maintain her composure. Determined to be the next rodeo star on the circuit, she lived and breathed roping and riding, something the other all male cowboys seemed to resent her for. Paying no attention to their sometimes ugly comments, she bulldozed her way through, winning event after event. After being awarded the very last and highly coveted spot on the event of the year, one showcasing only the best with a salary to match, she was the talk of the town. And not in a good way. While her professional life was exactly where she wanted, her personal life was something else entirely. No man had the nerve to date one some called a shameless hussy.

Zane Shepard was one pissed off cowboy. A damn woman booted his best friend and partner off the rodeo team and he hated her like nobody’s business. The daunting news? He was also so attracted to her he fantasized every night about taking her rough and tumble style. However sleeping with the enemy wasn’t an option. When he found himself in a very compromising position with the red headed filly, he couldn’t hold back his charm. And then she punched him and the gloves were off. Now he was determined to shortcut her domineering ways and he knew just how to do it too. The thought of tying her down literally a powerful aphrodisiac, he developed a strategy and perhaps a deal with the devil himself. Too bad she had a rather kinky plan of her own and one that might just take them into pure ecstasy – the most sensuous ride of their life – if they could come to terms with their differences.


Broken Wings

Alex Jones

Paranormal/Fantasy Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Fear. It was the twitch in his subconscious, like a word stuck in his throat he could never quite say.

Adrian’s life is simple: go to work, come home, look no one in the eye. If you don’t take risks, you won’t die. That’s what life has taught him, and in the urban sprawl of the industrial Oregon coast, it’s kept him alive. He hasn’t had a panic attack in months.

Then one night, a winged man named Cassius makes a crash landing on his doorstep. Out of fear of the government Adrian hides him. But Cassius is more than he seems and when the winged shifter’s haunted past comes knocking, Adrian learns the true meaning of fear. He must find the courage to face the darkness or risk losing the man he has grown to love.


The Cowgirl Way

Bethany Cross

Western/Cont Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Jesse Morlan is a cowgirl in every sense of the word. Born on a ranch in Montana, when her mother died during childbirth, her father, Jeb Morlan, and his partner, Chief, took over her raising. Without the influence of a mother, Jesse learns to out ride, out smart and out talk every man she runs across. Her father’s death leaves Jesse to take over where he left off; becoming the best trainer of cutting horses in the state leaving her little time for a love life.

Joseph Wolfe returns to the ranch after years of being away to take his place as rightful heir when the ailing Chief calls. But for Joseph, taking on the care of his elderly uncle and the responsibilities of half of such a large and successful ranch are nothing compared to the uncertainty he faces seeing Jesse again.

Separated at such a tender age and under such extenuating circumstances; will she allow him to explain why he had to leave so long ago without as much as a goodbye? Or will she slap his face and send him on his way in that self-protecting, Cowgirl Way?  


Red Shoes

Donna Steele

Cont Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Nikki Setzer thought she knew what she wanted and transformed herself to get it. Now she's having to do it again, to escape.

Micah Allen is in a new town starting his own law firm on a shoestring. The last thing he wants to do is harm some woman he keeps running into, literally. But they do keep running into each other and this woman definitely has some secrets.

Can Nikki allow Micah to get close? How much danger is he in if she does? This place is beginning to feel like a home with friends. Does she dare let down her guard?