Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Torquere Press & Prizm Books New Releases

A Little Weird, a Torquere menage
By: JB McDonald
278 pages / 83000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-497-6
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Kel has seen his share of weird throughout his life, but when London asks him to sub for her and her boyfriend, that tops the list. He isn't gay. He isn't bi. He definitely isn't submissive. And with an underlying case of post-traumatic stress disorder from years in the military, anything BDSM just sounds dangerous.
But he also doesn't want to see his friends hurt, and he's positive that will happen if they get together with strangers from the Internet. London plays things too close to the vest for him to get a good enough read on her, but Kel trusts Ty, even if he doesn't think he'll enjoy turning over control. It'll be a one-off, it'll be a little weird, and they'll all go back to normal.
He's not sure what to do when a little weird turns out to be something he wants.

By: Laney Cairo
81 pages / 21400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-495-2
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Bailey likes to cut people—in a purely consensual way—which makes his work as a surgical technician with cosmetic enhancement corporation SirenCare his dream job. His recreational pursuits, however, would displease his employer, so he lives his personal life on the margins of Sydney, away from SirenCare’s corporate enclave, taking his chances in a city without water or power.
Quint is one of his chances, an illegal resident who pulls beer and breaks up fights. Quint’s not used to corporate men with the means to buy water, but he could get accustomed to being with Bailey and Bailey’s friend, Flynn, who engineers new and addictive body mods for SirenCare.
When Immigration incarcerates Quint as an illegal resident, only intervention by a corporation can free him. Can Bailey, with Flynn, persuade SirenCare that a disreputable bar tender is carrying experimental body mods, and should be rescued from detention?
Originally published in the Spiked anthology.

What Games May Come
By: Casey Moore
14 pages / 3600 words
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Lori's been watching Jenna for a long time without saying a single word -- she knows that Jenna would never be interested. What Lori can't see is that Jenna's been watching her in return, and Jenna almost always goes for what she wants. When Game Night rolls around, Lori finds herself playing right into Jenna's plans... and oh, what plans those are!
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I Know What Gay Is
By: Foxglove Lee
15 pages / 4000 words
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When the couple next door asks Jay to babysit, he can't help wondering… why him? Did they hire Jay as some kind of queer role model because they suspect little Sarah is gay?
At the park, when Sarah and Jay run across the guy he's been pseudo-stalking, Sarah insists she’s a boy. Darien’s sheer sexiness makes Jay pretty brain-dead, and he can't think what to talk about except how Sarah wants everyone to call her Frank.  The funny kid reminds Darien of his transgender cousin.  Could Sarah be trans, too? Should Jay talk to her parents?  What if they say it's none of his business? What if they fire him?
Well, then he'll just have to spend his summer watching Darien work in the park, sweaty and shirtless...
Coming Next Week...

Just for Kicks
by Rachael Kenwick
Pulled along on an impossible adventure, Meriwether Brookes discovers her true identity and soars into the world of superheroes. But when she comes face to face with a soul-sucking supervillain, a grave secret is revealed and she must decide which is more important: revenge for her parents’ death, or saving the human race.
Genre: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Superhero/Comic Adventure

Hammer and Tongs
by BA Tortuga
When Virgil is run out of town by a posse, even though he’s committed no real crime, he thinks he’s going to die in the desert. Thanks to half-Indian Asa, Virgil survives, and lives to learn all sorts of lessons about life, and about love.
Genre: Historical, Western

On the Clock
by Chris Owen
A murder, a puzzle, a lot of data... and two detectives burning off energy whenever they can, even when they're on the clock.
Genre: Contemporary

by Raven de Hart
In Tuckersburg, not a lot changes. School gets out for summer, Lydia forces her fried chicken Jell-O mold on everyone at the town's summer picnic, and Skyler doesn’t get laid. It takes an outside force to change that paradigm, an outside force named Alex. He’s cute, he’s gay, and he finds Skyler attractive: just what Skyler always wanted. But in a small town like Tuckersburg, can they find the opportunity to act on their urges?
Genre: Contemporary

Banged on the Fourth of July
by Logan Zachary
Doting Uncle Leo is happy to give his niece Abby anything she wants, and what she wants for the Fourth is lots of "real" fireworks.  When he arrives for the family celebration, Leo meets his brother-in-law John's side of the family, including John's sister's ex-husband, Rick, half-naked and hot.

As the day gets warmer, Leo's and Rick's fuses get shorter, and other things get longer and harder. The night ends with a bonfire, camping in tents by the lake, and, for Leo and Rick, the best fireworks ever.
Genre: Contemporary

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