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Torquere Press New Release Day!

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Loving Aidan
By: Ashavan Doyon
323 pages / 86000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-508-9
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Samuel Riley is gorgeous - tall, muscular, and intelligent. The girls love him. And so does his roommate, Aidan Flemming. Secretly, of course, because Aidan is as gay as Sammy is straight - and even the out and proud Aidan knows there are limits to Sammy's acceptance. Cursed to watch as Sammy dates half the co-eds on campus, a lonely Aidan spends his time writing, helping Sammy and his friends survive literature classes, and recovering from a disastrous love affair that left Aidan heartbroken.
But when happiness finally comes for Aidan in the body of his roommate's fellow rower, all that changes. In Steven, Aidan finds happiness and romance. The rower, a blond, blue-eyed Adonis, makes Aidan feel desired and appreciated. But their very public courtship stirs up controversy and violence, and Aidan's life gets very complicated.
Attacks rock the campus community, and in the middle of the upheaval, Aidan finds himself noticed by the last person he'd expect. Samuel Riley, his roommate, his impossible dream, and just possibly, a very jealous suitor. But the jealous suitor has a girlfriend. And she is not happy.

Falling From a Height
By: AR Moler
72 pages / 20700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-509-6
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Navy SEAL and Division P operative Jonas Nightengale is sent to Ft. Detrick, MD to determine who tried to divert a highly secret experimental missile. Sergeant Sarah Quilleran is in charge of security for the weapon and is overseeing the site where the missile landed-"in" the side of a cliff. While trying to use his psychic abilities (the talents that make him a part-time Division P agent) the two nearly fall from the cliff. Jonas saves Sarah's life and still manages to retrieve some information about the instigators of the security breach.
Sarah Quilleran is on emotional lock-down. She has spent her whole life denying that her psychic abilities are anything more than an occasional really accurate hunch. Her erratic, untrained gift often leaves her with either too much or too little information about the people around her. Things get sticky when the folks who want that weapon decide that they really want it, and are willing to do anything to get it. Will a bullet end the beginnings of Jonas' and Sarah's relationship?
Publisher’s Note: The Division P series is primarily GLBT in nature. However, this volume contains non-GLBT relationships.
Originally published by Shadowfire, and self-published.

Fourth of July Fireworks
By: M. Durango
12 pages / 3000 words
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Matt and Christian from Where You Least Expect It are back! It’s Fourth of July and Christian wants to go to the fireworks show; Matt’s hot and bothered and wants to stay home. Christian promises to make it up to him later and they head off to the park to watch things explode. Christian might be focused on the fireworks, but Matt’s still focused on Christian. Lucky for them, the night is chilly and no one looks twice when they cuddle under a blanket. Even luckier, no one can see what Matt’s hands are doing to Christian.

Heart of Stars
By: DC Juris
25 pages / 7000 words
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It takes a bloody battle, the death of several of his men, and a near death experience of his own for Afron to see what lies in his heart for Makara. Now the barbarian won't let anything stand in the way of their destiny -- not even the prostitute's petulant (if half-hearted) refusal to see him.
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One Warlock's Love Story
by Shad O. Walker
One Warlock's Love Story is the supernatural coming of age story of warlock Zander Knight. This epic tale spans twelve installments with villainous vampires, sexy shape shifters, wild warlocks, fierce fairies, great sex, and the kind of drama only found in the best urban literature. This is real Black magic!
Genre: Contemporary, LGBT, Romance, Urban Fantasy

Box of Nails: This Young Stud
by Sean Michael
Short Blurb: There's something wrong with Paul -- he breaks Doms. So when he falls for Jeff, the new house "mom", the best thing he can do is stay away. Too bad his heart is already hooked.
Genre: Contemporary, BDSM

Get Him to the Geek
by DC Juris
Two years is a long time to swear off love, but John Daily is doing just fine. His best friend, Sylvia, has other plans, if she can just get him to the geek...
Genre: Contemporary

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