Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Releases from Torquere Press & Prizm Books

Hammer and Tongs
By: BA Tortuga
124 pages / 35300 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-502-7
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Virgil is in trouble when he flees to the badlands of New Mexico, and he’s pretty sure the desert is going to kill him before the posse does. He’s running from his past, from a forbidden love. What he finds is half Native-American blacksmith Asa, who happens to be the stuff of dreams.
Asa isn’t about to let the skinny man he finds in the desert die. And when Virgil recovers, Asa thinks maybe he’s found a soul mate, just like his friends Tak and Loko have found in each other. Through everyday life and a series of erotic lessons, Asa thinks he can teach Virgil that love shouldn’t have boundaries. Can Virgil accept the plans that Asa, with the help of his friends, have for his future?

On the Clock
By: Chris Owen
97 pages / 28300 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-500-3
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Cort Strang is a homicide detective called to a scene where a man has been strangled with the cord from a keyboard -- not a pretty way to die. The man who found the body, Patrick Gallagher, is pretty, though. He's also an off duty detective from Computer Crimes.  The two connect almost instantly, and as Strang gets to work on finding out what led to the death of poor Mr. Dinsmore, Gallagher never seems to be very far away.
With a wealth of computer data to wade through Strang welcomes Gallagher into his case and into his bed. Can Strang balance work and pleasure, or is his mind too divided to make either be successful?
Originally published in To Serve and Protect.
Cherry Bomb and Firecrackers Sip:

Banged on the Fourth of July
By: Logan Zachary
18 pages / 4600 words
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Doting Uncle Leo is happy to give his niece anything she wants, and what she wants for the Fourth is lots of "real" fireworks.  When he arrives for the family celebration, Leo meets his brother-in-law John's side of the family, including John's sister's ex-husband, Rick, half-naked and hot.
As the day gets warmer, Leo's and Rick's fuses get shorter, and other things get longer and harder. The night ends with a bonfire, camping in tents by the lake, and -- for Leo and Rick -- the best fireworks display ever.
By: Raven de Hart
15 pages / 4200 words
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In Tuckersburg, not a lot changes. School gets out for summer, Lydia forces her fried chicken Jell-O mold on everyone at the town's summer picnic, and Skyler doesn’t get laid. It takes an outside force to change that paradigm, an outside force named Alex. He’s cute, he’s gay, and he finds Skyler attractive: just what Skyler always wanted. But in a small town like Tuckersburg, can they find the opportunity to act on their urges?
New This Week from Prizm Books...

Just for Kicks
By: Racheal Renwick
225 pages / 64000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-501-0
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Meriwether Brookes is doomed to be an orphan forever. Fate has other plans for her, however, when she’s swept away in the middle of the night by a girl who can fly. Pulled along on an impossible adventure, Meri soars into the world of superheroes, discovering her own Super genes along the way.
After a magic ritual transforms her into a Super, Meri learns that her parents’ murderer is planning to bring Doomsday about, and the Supers need her to help stop him. Spurred forward by an all-consuming need for vengeance, Meri ditches her selfish ways to become the one thing she loathes most: a hero.
With the help of her Super friends, Meri tries to figure out how her ability to see spirits can help defeat the soul-sucking villain. But when she comes face to face with him, a grave secret is revealed, and she must decide which is more important: revenge for her parents’ death, or saving the human race.
Coming Next Week...

Beneath the Mask
by Mychael Black
Sometimes it's what beneath the mask that counts.
Genre: Paranormal

Ginger and Gentlemen
by Ari McKay
Ian Pierce doesn’t like accepting help from anyone, not even his best friend and business manager, Matt Davis. But when circumstances force Ian into appearing on his older brother Stephen’s television special, will Matt’s plan to secretly help Ian backfire and destroy any hope of their friendship becoming something more?
Genre: Contemporary

Hitched, a Hammer book
by Sean Michael

by Berengaria Brown
Jewel, Donovan and Oscar live together but the excitement has gone out of their relationship. Jewel plans to spice up their relationship with a White Christmas.
Genre: Contemporary, Ménage

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