Wednesday, July 17, 2013

New Releases From Rebel Ink Press

Why Mary Beth Why by Helen Ogrodnick

Cont Romance

Rebel Ink Press

When Mary Beth Hall has a falling out with her father, congressman Randolph Hall, she leaves her home in Decatur, Georgia to live in Baltimore, Maryland where she works as a waitress at a diner on the ocean front.

When Mary Beth meets and insults a customer, he threatens to kill her, and she runs out the back door of the diner never to be seen again.

Her parents call in a detective and suddenly everybody is asking where Mary Beth is and why anyone might want her dead.


Chains of Lust After Dark by Suzzana C Ryan

Historical Paranormal Romance

Rebel Ink Press

It’s eighteen-eighty-eight London and a young woman is searching for her runaway sister who left to become an actress. In the midst of it all, a serial killer coined Jack the Ripper is murdering whores in the Whitechapel district. Vanessa finds herself in Soho and on Broad Street, the heart of the notorious Red Light District of London.

She’d hit yet another dead end in her quest. Tired and hungry, she’s chased down an alley and her encounter is frightening when she realizes her life hangs by a slender thread.

Out of the mist and debris emerges a man whom she’s convinced will end her days on earth. This dark, ominous yet handsome stranger takes her body and teaches her the joys of pain and pleasure.  She becomes his addiction and he takes her soul then the blood that runs through her veins. He’s Nosferatu, a vampire ages old and he’s found his mate and the love of a lifetime. His name is Knight.

This immortal creature has had his cold blackheart cracked, allowing him to love the gorgeous human. Together they’ll search the streets for her sister and encounter the evil, killing young prostitutes. Even Knight can’t stop him.

Their search will end with a love so profound yet doomed because of her humanity.

Vanessa must decide life or death. Will the truth of her love free her soul or damn it for all eternity?


Kathleen by Nick Santa Rosa


Rebel Ink Press

When I first found out I was going to be attending the annual company meeting, I admit I wasn’t looking forward to it.  However, it was a pleasure meeting you this past week.  I hope I’m not being too forward by saying you turned an otherwise dull conference into a memorable occasion, at least for me.  Friday’s dinner was probably the best meal I’ve ever had though, to be honest, I’d be hard pressed to remember what I ate.

You’re a charming, intelligent and (dare I say) beautiful woman.  I hope I have the pleasure of your company again.  If I’m really lucky, I won’t have to wait a year for another conference.

What if a letter could change your life?


Brock’s Bunny by Jane Wakely

Paranormal/Shifter Romance

Rebel Ink Press

Vegetarian Hollie Dawson owns the only health food store in Chestnut Rock. She’s also a rabbit shifter, but unlike the gray and black jackrabbits that can camouflage themselves easily, Hollie is a pure white bunny. As a shifter, her ultimate dream is to meet the man destined to fill the lonely space in her heart.

Brock Smith owns the most popular steak house in town. When the woman with the platinum hair and violet eyes questions his menu, he’s caught off guard and makes a bad first impression. Unable to explain why their meeting bothers him so much, he’s driven to find her and change all that.

Brock and Hollie acknowledge their intense desire to be together and make future plans, but Hollie hasn’t shared her secret yet. When Brock finds out about her bunny by accident, will his reaction destroy their newfound happiness?


Stalking Darkness by JL Oiler

Paranormal Romance

Rebel Ink Press

With only a few days until her college graduation, Cadence Farris breaks her normal study-all-night routine to join her friends for one last night of drink and dance. Little does she know this is the night she’ll be changed forever and the person she was will fall victim to a horror she could never believe real.

Gavin is the team leader of a group who hunt down the monsters most people believe only exist in movies or nightmares. However, each man in his unit knows the truth, that there are things on our world that have the ability to destroy lives and mold our world into something dark and deadly.  

As another group of college students is stalked by the darkness, Cadence will join forces with the mysterious unit of hunters in an attempt to bring the reign of terror to an end and gain a bit of retribution in the process. But the question remains. Can Cadence come to grips with what she’s become and with her new role within the unit?

Is the passion of four men enough to stave off the beast inside her or is it her job to save them from their own demons?


Dirty Little Secrets: His Hidden Girl by Cassandre Dayne

IR Romance

Rebel Ink Press

Brody Canter was more than just a mentor to his friends and family in his impoverished neighborhood in Harlem. He also offered hope. A quarterback with the New York Jets, he received top honors for his humanitarian work as well as his prowess on the field. Living a quiet life with little fanfare, everyone who knew him said he was an honorable man. He was also considered one of the most eligible bachelors on the East Coast and his family had the perfect girl in mind for marriage. From one of the finest African American families in upstate New York, Dahlia’s connections would ensure Brody’s successful future after his football playing days were over. Unfortunately, he wasn’t in love.

Elle Taylor was blond and beautiful as well as intelligent, yet she rarely dated, preferring to spend long hours honing her career. Determined to secure a position in the field of television, the fact she was considered second class didn’t deter her dreams. After a chance meeting with Brody, she was unable to resist their electric chemistry and a torrid affair ensued, one that was vital to keep a secret. An Interracial relationship in the 1970’s was not only considered taboo, their high-profile tryst could prove damaging for both. When someone from his past threatened to reveal his hidden girl, would Brody choose forbidden love or the chance at a glorious future?

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