Monday, July 8, 2013

New from Lizzie T. Leaf~Educating Amber

Educating Amber by Lizzie T. Leaf
Call Me Series, Book One
Available on Amazon Kindle
Contemporary Erotic Romance

Amber Lewis’s entry into the world of phone sex gives her an erotic education she wouldn’t receive from the required reading in her college courses.

Award winning author, Lizzie T. Leaf, brings humor and intrigue to the erotic world of phone sex in Educating Amber, the first book in the Call Me series.

Naïve Amber new job exposes her to a world she barely knew existed, but she’s a quick learner to a repeat clientele who appreciate her talent with words. Trouble brews when one client in particular appears determined to claim her as his alone.

Private investigator, Ken Anderson, is a longtime friend of the agency’s owner. Though he’s always made it a point to never become involved with her employees, there is something about the new girl. When calls from a regular customer turn into what appears to be a stalker that may put Amber in danger, Ken realizes there is more to his feelings than casual interest. Determined to save Amber, he sets out to put an end to the harassing calls, and make the dazzling beauty his own.

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