Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Torquere Press/Prizm Books New Release Day

Don't Fret the Timing
By: AR Moler
76 pages / 21200 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-490-7
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Secret Service agent Vaughn Breckenridge works the Treasury side of his agency. He’s just been told that he’s about to be evaluated for additional training. Sumiko Pierce isn’t at all what he’s expecting. She’s testing for psychic abilities for the mysterious and near mythical Division P. Vaughn knows he’s got an exceptional gut instinct, but he doesn’t want to admit that it might be more than that. He doesn’t have a clue what’s about to hit him.
Sumiko Pierce is rebuilding her life after a devastating car accident left with her with serious injuries, some long-term, others healing slowly. It’s hard enough to get around and do her job in a wheelchair--even if it’s only for a while. The last thing she needs is a hard-headed Secret Service agent pushing his way into her life the same way she’s pushing into his head. On the other hand, Vaughn’s really attractive, inside and out.
He’s got the abilities. She’s got the skills to teach him how to really start using those gifts. They must each to let down their personal barriers in order to make it work.  Will they manage it in time to save her life?
Originally published by Shadowfire Press, and self-published.
Publisher’s Note: The Division P series is primarily GLBT in nature. However, this volume contains non-GLBT relationships.

Pearls Like Rain
By: Michael Barnette
60 pages / 17400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-489-1
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Raien and Kaelys have reached the final dueling match that decides the championship and conveys a rich purse for the winner. With their dreams for the future at stake, neither of them is going to make it easy for the other to win. But when a bright flash of light momentarily blinds Kaelys causing him to make a mistake more than money is on the line. With Raien’s life at stake and the outcome of the match undecided they have nothing to do but talk to one another. They discover things that have the potential to change everything. Unfortunately the future each of them desires hinges on one thing: Who won the championship?

The Celestine Room
By: Jared Rackler
20 pages / 5100 words
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In the city of Melinoe, necromancer Nikos Aristos summons the dead for king and country. Yet, in the frozen depths of winter, bonds are easily shattered and he may yet find himself under the spell of the very thing he once commanded. Love knows no heartbeat between a necromancer and a vampire.
New This Week from Prizm Books...

The Strings of the Violin
By: Alisse Lee Goldenberg
192 pages / 55000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-491-4
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Seventeen-year-old Carrie is lying in her backyard ignoring all the looming responsibilities in her life, when a fox makes a mad dash across the grass in front of her. After she manages to keep her dog from attacking the frightened animal, the fox turns to Carrie and seems to bow in gratitude before he disappears into the bushes. All Carrie knows in that moment is that something has unexpectedly changed in her life.
Carrie has been best friends with Lindsay Smith and Rebecca Campbell for years. During a summer when they should focus on choosing colleges, the girls suddenly find themselves swept away on the adventure of their lives. The fox reappears three days later and reveals to Carrie that he is Adom, emissary to the king of Hadariah. With his land of music and magic in peril, Adom has been sent to seek help from Carrie and her friends. In the blink of an eye, the three teenage girls go from living an average suburban life to being the champions of a world where they must contend with giants, witches, and magical beings. Will they ever make it home once more?
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Blood Bathory by Ari McKay


Synchronous Rotations by Lynn Townsend
Cherry Bombs and Firecrackers Sip:

Fireworks at the Lake by Berengaria Brown
Coming Next Week from Prizm Books...
Necromancy and You by Missouri Dalton

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