Monday, June 3, 2013

New Releases from Rebel Ink Press for June 3

Sacred Blood by Al Lohn

Historical Fiction

Rebel Ink Press


Is war politics by other means or a defeat for humanity? The inherit beast of mankind or a natural consequence of ignorance?

As young warriors drench the soil with their blood, they question why. Political realizations or philosophy does not matter to the soldiers trying to live through another night of gunfire as they wrestle with their feelings. They generate their own courage in defense of their friends or by the necessity of self-preservation. They are the prey so freely provided by the powers that be.

SACRED BLOOD conveys the feelings of fear, courage, yearnings, love, hate, despair and hope that all soldiers share on both sides of the battle lines, from the cold, icy fields of Valley Forge to the burning desert of Iraq. Philosophers, statesmen, and theologians alike have grappled with the morality and justice of the conflicts.

These feelings come alive in the stories depicting battlefields throughout the wars from 1770 until 2012. Read the book and see the war through the eyes of men and women in the trenches.


Blindsided by Ramona Scarborough

Cont. Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Amelia Perry has been left at the altar twice…by the same man.  Now she’s content to be single and successful. Or so she tells herself.  Dray Fenton, the new architect at her firm, isn’t the type of man she would prefer. If she was even interested.  Their professional relationship convinces her he isn’t anything like her original assessment of him.  Then dead cat and a dog paw print change everything.


Shaping Fate by Kayla Payeur

Fantasy Romance

Rebel Ink Press


She didn’t have a name…
She has lived alone her entire life. Her only companions are the statues she carves and the mysterious man who haunts her dreams. One day, a handsome, golden, angry man suddenly appears on her island…

He was death. Literally…

Thanatos, one of the oldest and most powerful death gods, has secluded himself from anything that will cause emotion. Emotion equals a lack of control, and lack of control means thousands of untimely deaths. He lives alone on his ranch in the Underworld, but when a battered, bloody woman is found unconscious in his high-strung stallion’s stall, he has no choice but to obey the call of her swirling emerald eyes.

A secret worth killing for…

Two Gods band together to destroy Thanatos’s mysterious house guest. Thanatos must keep her safe, and also find a way to resist her warm and honest personality. Just who is his mystifying companion?


Principal Desire by Bethany Cross

IR Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Deidra James has a lot on her mind. A new city, a deadline, two nieces to raise, a sister in a mental hospital and a doctor that won’t take no for an answer. All hopes for a happily-ever-after seem out of her reach until she meets the super sexy, dark chocolate Principal at her nieces school.

Wayne Brewster is the strong silent type and always seems to magically appear in the right place at the right time to rescue her. And Deidra finds herself longing to be bolder and more brazen like the heroin of her latest romance novel. 

But when Wayne witnesses an encounter between Deidra and the aggressive doctor, he simply walks away leaving her longing for what could have been.


Queer Fables by Sharita Lira

GLBT Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Once there was a prince who wanted another man to fill his bed…


The Seduction of Esther by Jennifer Wilck

Cont. Romance

Rebel Ink Press


Samara Goldberg has a problem even the most beautiful singing voice can’t fix. She’s a walking disaster, especially when she’s around handsome men. To make matters worse, she’s in desperate need of someone to play the character of Mordecai for the Purim spiel she’s producing and the new congregant, Nathaniel Abramson, is a perfect fit. Nathaniel is a divorced dad who’s recovering from the biggest public scandal of his life. The last thing he needs is a relationship with the choir director at his new synagogue, who also happens to be playing the lead female role of Esther in the very play he’s been coerced into joining.

Woven around the Jewish holiday of Purim, The Seduction of Esther is a story of two people whose lives mirror the plot of the Purim story. Like Esther, who had to hide her Jewish identity from the King of Persia, Samara and Nathaniel are hiding key pieces of themselves. Evil Haman wanted to destroy the Jews, and the nasty Josh will do anything to keep Samara and Nathaniel apart. Will their love survive, like the Jewish people in Shushan, Persia, or will their fear keep them apart?


Unbridled Passion: Accepting His Control by Cassandre Dayne

IR/Multiple Partners


Rebel Ink Press


Halle Tremont always had difficulty with a man taking control. Her every fantasy was about a rough and tumble hunk guiding her, training her and allowing her to release her needs and dark desires. Domination was something she craved - yet no man had been able to tame her.

Without a doubt, Halle loved kinky sex, but she’d always had difficulty letting go. That is until one man usurped the kind of control she’d been craving all her life. When the mysterious phone call came in the middle of a busy morning at her office commanding her to remove her panties, she was shocked, but she did as she was told. Unfettered by the brazen request, she stood in front of the window allowing her voyeur to see all of her as she engaged in a little play. There was little she wouldn’t do for the mystery man who garnered her attention and allowed her to revel in her kinky side.

Snake Brennon wanted Halle hot and hungry and their shameless affair had thrown them into some interesting positions; making love in the middle of an elevator, at his construction site and in a restaurant bathroom. There was nothing they wouldn’t try. Snake knew what she really craved and with the help of her best friend and one very exotic party, he set out to fulfill her every fantasy. The first? Being pampered by several hand selected masked male volunteers pleasuring her naked body in the glistening pool while the guests observed. The second? A night of uninhibited passion as she lay bound, gagged and blindfolded. Enlisting the help of the same secret lovers, Snake was determined to give her the most uninhibited night of her life. But unanswered questions remained. Who were the stunning men and could Halle savor the salacious acts or would the final kinky event put an end to their relationship?

**previously published as Shadows of Panic and Wicked Desire**

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