Sunday, June 23, 2013

Against Type by Heidi Champa

Against Type
by Heidi Champa

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-442-7 (Electronic)
A copyeditor for a pop culture blog called Scuttlebutt, Charlie “Fletch” Fletcher is content with his job, until screenwriter and film critic Adrian McGuire walks into Fletch’s life and disrupts everything. Well-known for being arrogant and pompous, Adrian wastes no time living up to his reputation while writing a column for the blog. After several rocky conversations, Fletch is happy to steer clear of the new arrival and stay out of the way of his insults. Until an email sent by Adrian that wasn’t meant for Fletch’s eyes changes everything between them.
It turns out, Adrian McGuire isn’t all he seems, and Fletch sees his chance to take the self-centered critic down a peg. When his plan backfires, Fletch finds himself working with his nemesis. And not only that, but when their angry friction explodes into equally fiery passion, Fletch discovers he’s unwittingly falling for the man who used to infuriate him.
Can Fletch and Adrian’s burgeoning relationship survive working together, or will all the secrets and lies tear them apart first?

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