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New Releases May 17 from Rebel Ink Press

Contemplating by Nick Santa Rosa
Rebel Ink Press
It’s a question of suicide. “To be or not to be,” weighing the pros and cons wondering what, if anything, is waiting on the other side.  Wouldn’t it be easier? Would it finally bring peace?  Would you be missed?

The answers may never be found but the struggle to find them is a daily battle.

Dear Elvira by Helen Ogrodnick
Historical Romance
Rebel Ink Press
Matt Joplin is a small town boy who moved to the city after graduating from high school in small town Texas. Fortunate to land a job at the city newspaper, Matt developed close friendships with some of the other employees and was asked to join their bowling team. At the lanes he met an older gentleman and his granddaughter, a family whose values made a lasting impression on him.

When Matt’s given a special assignment by his editor, the nature of which was to remain a secret, Matt and two colleagues are sent to a nearby town to cover an breaking story and Matt decides he wants to use his job to make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate than him.

And then there’s the matter of a certain girl…
Wraith’s Heart by Donna Steele
Paranormal Romance
Rebel Ink Press
When Gail Duncan finds herself in her hometown with no memory, it’s unfortunate she’s also dead and more than a little confused. Deciding to stay close to Ryan Davis, the hunky detective investigating her murder, Gail figures she might as well help out with the case.

Ryan has other problems beside the recent murder case he’s working. He earned his honorable discharge but the past is still with him. He's used to seeing things in black and white, so just what is it that’s helping him with his investigation and why does his apartment seem a little less lonely?

Together Gail and Ryan work on the case and learn about one another, and what they can accomplish, in ways neither had ever dreamed.

Gail Duncan believed her purpose for remaining on Earth is to help police detective Ryan Davis find her murderer. But that was before they got to know one another.

Maybe they did meet a little late, but that doesn’t seem to be too big an obstacle in supporting one another as he adjusts to civilian life and she… Well, she just adjusts.

At Your Service: Tammer by Lila Munro
BDSM Romance
Rebel Ink Press
Assassin. The first word which comes to mind when Nina Prescott opens her door not to a Thin Mint toting Girl Scout but a rugged stranger dressed in black sporting a smirk that has her slamming it in the man’s face. With her instincts in a tailspin, her head tells her to run. Has her husband’s occupation finally come home to roost?

But when the stranger who acts more like he’s come to gather her for a date rather than kill her corners her and produces his calling card, the truth of what he really is, is even more shocking than the thought of him being a hit man…

At Your Service…Providing all your kinky needs with none of the strings. For more information or to schedule a consultation...

Nina can’t believe Joel has actually hired a service Dom. With his job keeping him away more than he’s home, Nina’s found it all too easy to weave from their established rules. She knows she does things she convinces herself Joel is none the wiser of, like working fourteen hour days when she knows good and well her Master would bust her ass for working a minute over eight. But a sub-sitter? While she realizes their once rigid lifestyle has been slowly disintegrating, it seems a bit extreme. But Nina still loves Joel and is determined to obey the one rule he never bends…try anything he asks of her at least once before deciding she doesn’t like it.

And really. Would one turn on the ride named Tammer J. Weston be so bad?
Toni’s Heartbeat by Wendy Smith and Mollie Fiegel
Contemporary Romance
Rebel Ink Press
With all her friends getting married and starting families, Toni has found herself wanting the same thing.  Just when Toni thought she’d met the Mr. Right, the one she thought she could trust and live with “happily ever after,” he turned out to be Mr. Wrong. 

Being the ultimate bachelor, Joey Kindricks was the love’em and leave’em kind.  He always made sure his women were taken care of and all his cards were on the table until his table got turned upside down.  One fateful night, a discovery has Joey rethinking all his beliefs and he discovers Toni truly holds his heart.  Now he just has to convince her that her heart is safe with him and that he’s completely serious about no longer holding the title of Mr. Bachelor of the Year. When Joey’s world flips again, Toni is the only one who can help him through it all.

Can Toni see beyond Joey’s wild reputation to spy the loving man he really is or will she cash in her chips and walk away from temptation and the one man that holds her heart?
Under Her Protection by Suzzana C Ryan
Suspense Romance
Rebel Ink Press
Gina McCarthy, U.S. Marshall, ex decorated New York City Policewoman, stepped over the line. Within forty-eight hours, she violated every oath she’d ever taken by getting involved with a witness.

Marco G. Natalia, son of New York’s biggest crime family, has turned state’s evidence.  He’s handsome, intelligent, self-confident and one of the mob’s most valuable specimen’s. He’s more than just a
made man. He was born made. His father, the head of the Notorious Natalia family, is dead, gunned down and murdered mob style while eating breakfast with his son. Now Marco G. Natalia is under Gina McCarthy’s protection.

From different worlds two people meet, act on their attraction to one another and delve deep into emotions and feelings neither knew existed. Marco has never met a woman like Gina, strong, honest and beyond desirable. Unfortunately for Marco, he’s everything Gina holds unholy. For Gina, Marco is a step into forbidden territory, one she knows she’ll never forget and will desire for the rest of her life.
Three’s a Crowd by Melissa Keir
Cont. Romance
Rebel Ink Press
For Lissa, the second time at love was a charm but in marriage, three’s a crowd.

Single mother Lissa Vincent found her soul mate in her best friend’s ex-husband. Alex Hunter couldn’t believe his fortune when his ex-wife told him her best friend was available. After divorce, finding love again could be a challenge but it appeared Alex and Lissa had gotten lucky. Yet as they start their lives as newlyweds, Alex and Lissa don’t realize just how difficult it might be to blend a family.

When Alex’s ex new marriage begins to unravel, she sets her sights again on Alex. Does Alex still have feelings for the mother of his child? Will Lissa keep her best friend or lose her husband?

Fairytales promise a happily-ever-after. But what really happens after the
Dirty Little Secrets:  The Politician by Cassandre Dayne
M/M Romance
Rebel Ink Press
Parker Jameson was on the fast track to the White House. Being one of the youngest Senators on the Congress floor, he had his share of supporters, men and women hanging on his high-profile coattail. He also had those determined to see his demise. Constantly under a microscope, he lived a clean life, a completely honorable man. Or so he liked everyone around him to believe. Little did they know what damning secrets he’d been harboring for years. His relationship with a prominent male businessman was only half of the mystery enshrouding his life. After a nasty confrontation during an important press conference, a media expert was hired.

Briana Porter was known for her assertive methods in handling politicians who seemed hell bent on destroying their careers. A sizable offer was on the table. Working with what had to be the most difficult man in Congress, she questioned her ability. In her opinion Parker was far too arrogant to tame, yet she knew she had to try. When sparks flew and a line was drawn in the sand, she set her sights on more than just taming the savage beast. Confronted with the one secret she had no idea how to handle, Briana ran away from the man she was falling in love with. There was no way she could handle being a third. That is until one steamy night…
Not Even Death by Michel Prince
New Adult Romance
Rebel Ink Press
In one tragic moment Ellie Jeffreys’ perfect life ended and the devastation of losing the only man she believed she could ever love and their beautiful child, causes the hopeless resignation that life shall never again be worth living.

Bound by a decree from On High, the demons who tormented Ellie for years have had to leave the Jeffreys alone, but they grow restless, sensing Ellie's despair and vulnerability. They lust for her. And they’re extremely resourceful.

Dr. Luke Page’s inability to save Ellie’s husband and son has him hoping to recover her crumbling mind and show her love does still exist in the world. Dr. Page feels immense pressure to be her security blanket in the concrete world, but thoroughly healing her presents a challenge that raises questions about his ability as both a physician and a human being.

Ellie’s depression now leaves her susceptible to the vengeful demons. In the past the sheer strength of Oscar's love and devotion fortified a barrier around Ellie, shielding her from the effects of the world's iniquities. Will Luke’s love be enough to rise to the challenge of protecting her? Or will Oscar’s become like a phoenix letting not even mortality stand its way?

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