Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New Releases from Torquere Press

Elder Petersen's Mission Memories
By: Jeff Laver
53 pages / 15800 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-478-5
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Steve Petersen has been hoping his homosexual feelings are "just a phase." But as a nineteen-year-old embarking on a two-year Mormon mission in South America, he realizes those feelings are still there, and that he’s attracted to another missionary -- the companion he’s been assigned to be with twenty-four hours a day.
Set in 1972, less than three years after Stonewall, these missionaries have been taught by their church that homosexuality is an abomination, and those who suffer from those tendencies must repent. Worse, they're told that with God’s help, fervent prayer, and mind over matter, they can become heterosexuals. Steve's conflict is real and heart-wrenching; he’s an official representative of his church, but he's falling in love with his companion. Can he reconcile his church doctrine and the feelings in his heart?

Mountain Memories
By: Avery Dawes
71 pages / 21700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-480-8
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After a painful breakup, Jackson "Jax" Chamberlain, pianist and composer, takes a solo trip to the mountains of Colorado for a refreshing change of scenery. Mason Lake, a ranger at Rocky Mountain National Park, volunteers to staff a secluded patrol cabin through an oncoming snowstorm, partly to escape his sometime lover's demands for a more serious relationship. An ill-advised hike and an animal attack bring Jax and Mason together, allowing them to wait out the storm and explore a heated passion.
Their bliss ends, however, with the arrival of an unexpected stranger, a bullet, and Mason's lover. Will the men recover from such devastating wounds to find each other again?

Cloth of Virtue
By: Lydian Harker
28 pages / 7800 words
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Emperor Florian knows that his court is full of liars. To an emperor, an honest man is more precious than gold. Even emperors get fed up, though. In this spicy retelling of "The Emperor's New Clothes," Florian lays a cynical trap to punish his unworthy courtiers.
His bait lures unexpected prey: Adem, a palace gardener with an honest face and an eye for naked emperors. Is everything coming up roses--or has Florian beaten himself at his own game?

Summer Country
By: Camilla Gingold
29 pages / 7700 words
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Recently divorced geneticist Tom St. Laurent is hoping for a quiet summer vacation. Then a mysterious man named Namir saves him from drowning and disappears, leaving a strange sealskin behind. Tom, who grew up hearing about the legend of the selkies, strikes a deal: Namir will allow himself to be studied for seven nights. In return, Tom will give back the sealskin and never bother Namir again. But science isn't the only thing Tom is interested in. When forced to decide between his conscience and the pursuit of knowledge, will he choose Namir's happiness above all?
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