Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Releases from Torquere Press

Fennel and Forgiveness
By: Ari McKay
102 pages / 31000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-470-9
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Darius Cooper, Maitre d' of upscale Montgomery House, isn’t entirely pleased when owner Rhys Montgomery decides to allow the Gourmet Network to use the restaurant for an episode of a reality show. But if he thought that was bad, discovering the show’s director is his former lover, Max Boyd, is nearly catastrophic. Max is the only man Dare has ever loved, and he’s spent seven years fruitlessly trying to erase Max from his mind and heart.
Max was young and immature when he and Dare were together, but now he’s a different man, and ready to settle down into the kind of relationship he wasn’t prepared for back then. He’s never found anyone else who affects him the way Dare does, and he wants Dare back in his life. The only problem is Dare isn’t the forgiving sort. Between dealing with bridezillas and Executive Chef Stephen Pierce, Max has his hands full. Fortunately he has a ninja-Cupid in the form of Stephen’s PA Robert Logan on his side – but Max still isn’t certain if Dare will forgive him, or if he’s blown his only chance at true love after all.

Beneath an Emerald Sky
By: Michael Barnette
38 pages / 10200 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-471-6
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Emeraldsky is a datajacker, one of the best at stealing corporate secrets. He’s hired the zonewarrior Steel-Or to protect him while he makes a dangerous run. When things go bad Steel-Or finds himself in the position of taking care of an injured Emeraldsky. Torn between the need for money, memories of the datajacker, and the desire to look out for number One, Steel-Or has to decide: does he take the money and run, or protect the only man he ever loved, even if Emeraldsky might not love him back.
Mister, May I? Sip

Mystery Date
By: Logan Zachary
19 pages / 5600 words
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Uncle Darryl is looking for a birthday gift for his niece, and a game he wanted to play as a kid has brought back memories.  He ordered Mystery Date, and when it arrived he opened it and started playing with it. As soon as he opened the game’s door, there was a knock on his door, and it was the man from the game.  He was ready for a hot date.  Who would be behind the door then next time he opens it?  Who would be his Mystery Date?
Tales of Leather Sip

Wrapped in Ribbons
By: Sean Michael

13 pages / 3100 words
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Dillon and Dal spend every Christmas at a house on the beach, but they never spend very much time in the sand. This year, Dillon has dark red silk ribbon to wrap Dal up in and he can't think of a better Christmas gift for either of them.
Originally published in Toy Box: Ribbons
New this Week from Prizm Books...

Shels Moor
By: Jessica Ennis

25 pages / 6400 words
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Cedric and his best friend and schoolmate Brigham can't resist the mysteries of the Moor near Cedric's house, especially after hearing tales of a monster. The monster they seek turns out to be a young werewolf living in isolation -- who cannot risk word of his existence getting to the superstitious townsfolk. In order to assure his continued safety, the werewolf takes Brigham as a hostage. While Brigham faces confinement with a monster, he will soon discover the young man underneath the legend.
Coming Next Week...
Country Messes by Jameson Dash

Lights, Cameras, Zombies by Kiernan Kelly


A Wolf Brushed Red by Andi Johnston

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