Friday, May 3, 2013

New Releases From Rebel Ink Press for May 3

Callie’s Reckoning by Mary Wehr
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rebel Ink Press
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Callie Shaw was all set to enter into a Head of the Household marriage with Brandon Clay. What lady could refuse to be disciplined by the tall, hot, sexy lawyer? But first she needed to put her boss in his place. Her suspicions were all she had to go on but she wouldn’t rest until she found proof and Harry Bailey ended up in jail for sexual harassment.

Brandon was up to his neck in trouble and one tiny redhead with shocking green eyes possessed the tendency to get under his skin. He’d let things slide to far. But when Callie puts her safety on the line, Brandon intends to show her who’s boss.
A Summer’s Journey by Kathleen Gallagher
Contemporary Romance
Rebel Ink Press
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Savannah Mason fought for independence since she was a young girl, smothered by a controlling father who insisted she take over his medical practice one day.  Now, at the age of thirty, alienated from her father, the career minded journalist spends long hours at her job, hoping to take the spot as anchor.

On her darkest day twelve years ago, Savannah agreed to give her child up for adoption. She never even had the chance to hold her.  Now, on her daughter’s birthday, a chance encounter gives Savannah an opportunity to explore a corner of her heart she thought was lost forever.

The last thing Savannah wants is a relationship, especially one with a doctor who happens to have two young children.

Rob Sinclair, a cardiothoracic surgeon and NY Times best-selling author, needs a promo spot on the television show The News Stop.  When Savannah gets the interview over a senior reporter, a door opens to her future.  However, first she must face the sorrow of her past and cast away the agony of guilt before she’s free to accept love.

Rob’s commitment to climb the ladder of success and provide a good life for his two small children keeps him on the road.  He’s determined to push forward despite the heartache of a broken marriage.  His deepest fear is being an absent parent.  When he meets Savannah Mason, desire and passion awaken his broken spirit.  Will he ever be able to trust another woman?

Savannah and Rob’s strong attraction to one another is undeniable as they follow the path to a place where honesty, love and forgiveness, can bring them both home.

When a man who seems totally wrong for Savannah slowly weaves his way into her heart, will he accept her when he learns about her past?
Cold Play by Cassandre Dayne
M/M BDSM Romance
Rebel Ink Press
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Be careful what dangerous games you play…

Tony Dartanian was thrilled with his promotion. Becoming Captain of the prestigious Philadelphia Police Department had its share of perks. The grueling position had also cost him his fiancé, the only man he’d ever been in love with. Between the long hours and his horrific moods, Caelen finally had enough and walked out the door, ending their five-year relationship with barely a word. Devastated, he had no time to grieve. A serial criminal was in their midst and to date had burglarized over a dozen businesses. The last heist had ended in a security guard’s death. “Cold Play” as the man had come to be known, was elusive and highly intelligent, and Tony made it his mission to hunt the man down.

Steele Prentiss had spent his entire life on the run. Exhausted, he’d settled on Philadelphia as his final big score. Then he was going to retire to sunny Miami where the cocktails never ended. Everything was going according to plan until a pesky police officer hounded his every move. Frustrated, he decided on a cat and mouse game in order to lure the detective out in the open. Little did he know the game was going to sink knee deep in secrets and lies. Electricity between them rocked their worlds, tempting both men into crossing more than just one line. But someone was watching… When the threats began, pushing the city into a state of panic, would the two men work together or become mortal enemies?
Remain by Alex Jones
M/M Paranormal Romance
Rebel Ink Press
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Jace is an artist whose personal life took a back seat two years ago after he parted ways with an alcoholic ex-boyfriend. He has settled comfortably into his new life alone. He works mornings at the local coffee shop and evenings at an art gallery. His life is quiet, but that’s alright with Jace.

Until he meets Morgan. The man is intense, passionate and earnest to a fault. Jace falls head over heels, but it quickly becomes clear that Morgan is more than he seems. As Jace finds himself thrown into a world of monstrous creatures and arcane beings, he’s confronted with Morgan’s real nature – a knight of the fey, sworn in service to a Seelie Queen. It’s a world Morgan never meant him to know.

Jace’s arrival in the fey realm turns the heads of many. When the price of their tryst becomes a fight for their lives, Jace and Morgan face questions of love, loyalty and what humanity truly means.  Each must decide where he stands before fate makes the decision for them.
Christina’s Bear by Jane Wakely
Paranormal Romance
Rebel Ink Press
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Christina Mills’ loud, bubbly personality gains her numerous friends and dating opportunities. Unfortunately, being labeled a “party girl” and dating a lot can give people the wrong impression. When Christina’s dates learn the truth about her, they soon move on.

James “Bull” Johnson is a restless bear shifter ready to settle down. At the urging of his friend, he relocates to the mid-sized town of Chestnut Rock. Bull hopes the nearby forest and being near his best friend will help soothe his bear and cure some of his loneliness.

When Bull and Christina meet, he recognizes her as his mate. However, their first two encounters leave Bull thinking Christina is afraid of him and Christina is confused by her feelings toward the stranger. Both Bull and Christina have secrets and insecurities that keep them guarded, but if they can trust one another, they’ll discover they’re made for each other.
Love’s Sweet Vengeance by Joanne C Berrroa
Historical Romance
Rebel Ink Press
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The Old West in 1866 spells romance and danger. Pair a smart and independent lady sheriff in New Mexico Territory with a virile bounty hunter and you get sizzling chemistry, even though they’re at odds with each other and their objectives.

Garrett Wade and Amanda Larson form a truce to work together to track down Clem Jones, the outlaw responsible for Garrett’s wife’s murder. But will the justice they’re after consist of Amanda’s way or Garrett’s?   Amanda, a lawman first and foremost, wants to bring Jones in for a fair trial, but Garrett wants only revenge--to put a bullet between the wretched outlaw’s eyes.

Their quest leads them into mortal danger, while a powerful lust brings them together in ways neither bargained for. Can they survive the peril, exact justice, endure a gut-wrenching separation, and still nurture their lust into an abiding love?

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