Wednesday, May 1, 2013

New Release Day from Torquere Press

The Colt
By: Kalita Kasar
260 pages / 72500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-468-6
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Daytime soap star and part time rancher Marcus Bailey ought to know better than to take in a stray. But there's something about the streetwise hustler he pulls out of a bar room brawl that makes him throw caution to the wind. Malcolm Quinn, half starved, wary, and bearing the physical and emotional scars of a tough upbringing in foster care, wants nothing to do with charity, nor will he brook anything that hints at pity.
When Marcus offers Malcolm a job and a place to stay, the kid turns him down flat, but all that changes when Marcus' mare, Sylvie gives birth to a gangly, long eared colt that falls ill soon after birth. Malcolm agrees to stay and help with the foal, never realizing the chain of events that decision will unleash.
Marcus' jealous and violent partner, Paul Wilson, escalates his abuse of Marcus under the guise of a BDSM arrangement and Malcolm and Marcus are caught up in a rollercoaster ride of violence and scandal. Marcus must find the strength to stand up to Paul and end their relationship, while Malcolm struggles to come to terms with the BDSM lifestyle and become the loving dominant that Marcus needs. Two men from very different worlds, can Malcolm and Marcus surmount the obstacles in their path and forge a future together?
Mister, May I? Sip

Check Mate
By: Rob Rosen
13 pages / 3500 words
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It was an odd question coming from an odd man down an odd road in the middle of a truly odd day: “You play chess, Dan?” The oddest thing of all was that Dan was naked at the time, his car broken down a few miles back, no hope of rescue apart from Patrick, the man asking for a chess game. Though not all is as it appears, especially since the most adept chess players always think a few moves ahead. And yet, even when you lose, you can still come out a winner, in more ways than one.
Tales of Leather Sip

By: Kim Alan

25 pages / 7300 words
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Kyle is a lost boy. “Freed” for his own good, he’s doing his best to follow through on promises made. But he’s struggling, there’s no doubt about it. That is, until he suddenly finds himself in a place he least expected.
Beau is an independent man, answering to no one but himself. If he’s lonely, it’s a small price to pay. That is, until a beautiful, lost young man stumbles into his bar on Valentine’s Day. He can’t turn him away. The boy needs him. Or is it the other way around?
New this Week from Prizm Books...

By: K. Baldwin and Lyra Ricci

224 pages / 70000 words
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When Piper decided that she needed a better life for her and her sister, she packed them up, took what money they had saved, and headed off the desperately depressing downward spiral of drugs, booze, and violence of the Reservation. They took off to see the world. Fate had plans for them after being helped on the road by the kindness of a stranger. Little did they know that the man named Flynn had more in store for them than they could ever imagine.
Once they got back on the road Piper met a charming young up-and-coming tattoo artist named Nigel. After they said their goodbyes in Vegas, Piper realized her true feelings for Nigel, and, making a massive leap of faith, took a one-eighty to followed Nigel to the tropical paradise of Hawaii.
Piper found out soon enough that even in beauty, there were dangers waiting for her, that maybe Prince Charming wasn’t always a clean-cut boy on a noble steed, but a man with long hair, tattoos, and a fierce protectiveness for those he loves.
Coming Next Week...
Fennel and Forgiveness by Ari McKay

Beneath an Emerald Sky by Michael Barnette


Wrapped in Ribbon by Sean Michael
Mister, May I? Sip:

Mystery Date by Logan Zachary
Coming Next Week from Prizm Books...

Shels Moor by Jessica Ennis

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