Wednesday, April 17, 2013

New Releases from Torquere Press

The King's Diamond 2: Shooting Star
By: Jenna Jones
230 pages / 70600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-460-0
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Ketu is the king's consort and the king's diamond, a gift provided by the gods. Ketu loves Damalepazhur deeply, but still asks himself what is his true purpose in life. Is it only to look after Damal, or is there something more?
Troubled by doubts about his place in the kingdom and in court, Ketu fills his days with looking after Damal’s household and children, and helping anyone who comes to him for assistance. When people try to worship him as the Face of Azhur, the child of their main god, Ketu tells them only to live good lives. He enjoys a passionate, if sometimes frustrating, relationship with Damal, but even this makes him wonder if he'll end up like former diamonds after the king's death, despairing and alone.
Hoping to cheer him, Damal takes Ketu to the newly-restored summer palace, where they enjoy each other's company and explore the countryside. Seers warn Ketu about Damal's recklessness, but he puts them out of his mind until Damal's life hangs by a thread. Only then does Ketu explore the full depth of his powers and what it means to be a gift from the gods.

Blue Hair and 7 PAs
By: Kallysten

28 pages / 8000 words
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When Vinnie came to LA, he was following his dream of becoming a movie star. After a few months, however, he finds himself in the employ of one -- as personal assistant to James Spencer. The job is an odd one, a mix of nanny, minder, and best friend. The oddest part yet might hide behind the closed door James forbade Vinnie to open at the very moment he handed him the key.
As James' and Vinnie's friendship grows, so does Vinnie's curiosity, and right when everything finally starts coming together he succumbs, opening the door at the risk of losing it all.

Crowns and Criminals
By: Kayla Bain-Vrba

29 pages / 8000 words
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When Noble, a common thief, rescues a cursed prince to clear his own name, the last thing on his mind is falling in love.  True love, however, is at the top of Prince Danson's to-do list; hence why he had himself cursed and locked away in a tower in the first place. The trying journey home brings them closer together, but are the secrets from their past powerful enough to rip them apart forever?
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Don't Ask
By: Laura Hughes

200 pages / 55500 words
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Cat and Mike have been best friends forever, but freshman year of high school finds them growing apart. Cat proudly flies her freak flag; Mike tries to fade into the background. Cat checks out the gay pride group; Mike joins the military club. It’s fall 2010, and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is still in effect. Mike likes that -- he doesn’t want to ask or tell.
While Mike falls in love with the military club’s values of strength, honor, and courage, Cat falls in love with Calliope, an impossibly sophisticated sophomore girl. Her world is a roller coaster of grand gestures, romantic declarations, and messy, public drama. Mike is quieter with his feelings, but he’s finding it harder and harder to deny them -- especially his crush on the guitar-playing new boy. The safety of DADT is beginning to feel more like a burden. Mike believes in courage, but who is the brave one? Can these two best friends, more alike than they know, find their way back together?
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Braided Lives by AR Moler

Love Over Gold by Glyn Soitino


The Favor by Sean Michael
Torqued Tale:

Before I Wake by Eli Easton
Coming Next Week from Prizm Books...

Happy Birthday Klutzface by Foxglove Lee

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