Thursday, April 4, 2013

New from Joyee Flynn~ Rumble & Churr

And coming April 4th, the next chapter in the Unmated at Midnight Series....

Rumble and Churr
Siren Publishing
Release date: April 4th, 2013
Paranormal M/M Shape-shifters

Emiel wants to be the dutiful son and make his parents proud. But at what cost to himself? He needs help and all of his friends are so wrapped up in their own new matings he’s lost. Yet like the selfless man he is, he puts that all to the side when he finds there’s someone else that needs a friend more than he does, and helps Aldis’s breath taking younger brother.

After being tricked by a coven leader, Sealey’s given up the idea of being anything other than a chew toy for a bunch of vampires. But hope just might come in the form of a gorgeous, massive elephant shifter. Will he be able to let Emiel heal his heart or is his ability to trust anyone destroyed? And how is Emiel going to make Sealey his when he’s still engaged and risks losing everything if he breaks it off?

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