Sunday, April 28, 2013

Go Coastal by Heidi Champa

Go Coastal
by Heidi Champa

ISBN-13: 978-1-61124-420-5 (Electronic) 
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Nate Ferguson thought he was content with his life, as boring and predictable as it was. His job as a bank teller wasn’t his dream, but it paid the bills.

Then one atypical Thursday afternoon changes everything. A robber in a ski mask puts a gun to his head, and in that moment, Nate realizes he hasn’t really lived at all. When his boss offers him time off to recover, Nate jumps at the chance. But without his old routine, he feels lost.

Nate’s search for peace and quiet is interrupted when his roommate’s brother Grant Jacobs unexpectedly blows into town, looking for a place to crash before he sets out on a cross-country trip that will end in Los Angeles. At first Nate is annoyed, until fate steps in and Nate is presented with an opportunity he can’t pass up—the chance to join Grant on his trip and finally experience some new things, along with the chance to spend time with the guy on whom he’s had a crush since high school.
With each passing mile, Nate finds himself throwing caution to the wind, which includes acting on his feelings. As the trip’s end grows closer, so do Nate and Grant. But will their attraction lead to anything more than a fling? Or will Nate find the courage to tell Grant how he really feels and change his life for good?

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