Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Releases from Torquere Press

By: Julia Talbot
36 pages / 10100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-456-3
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Nikolas is a performer at paranormal the nightclub Bloodrose. When it comes to bottoming on stage, he’s incomparable. When it concerns dating co-workers, Nikolas is on way shakier ground.
New bar manager Ashe has been told Nik is way out of his league. Maybe that’s why he’s not prepared for what happens when the two of them begin dating. Can the boys figure out their hang-ups before it’s too late for their relationship?
A Bloodrose story.

Light on Shadow
By: Cassidy Ryan
138 pages / 40700 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-451-8
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After a chaotic childhood, Kit, a former street kid, found a home at Socair House in London. The only safe place he has ever known, he has made the shelter his world, staying on to help run the place long after he could have left.

When asked to spend three months in Cornwall helping to run a small medical practice, Kit is thrown into a panic at the prospect of leaving behind everything he knows to live among strangers.

He is welcomed warmly in Cornwall, and makes an immediate connection with Jude, one of the doctors in the practice. However, the past holds secrets that could ruin Kit's budding relationship with Jude, and destroy Kit's trust in everything he believes.

Masked Riders
By: Lucius Parhelion

90 pages / 25600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-452-5
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Jesse Putnam, once a union cavalryman and now a California rancher, has no one but himself to blame when he realizes the foreman assigned to help him investigate the problems on the Southern Californian acres of a railway baroness has a face that’s all too familiar. Even on the Barbary Coast of 1869, unknown vaqueros who share Jesse’s inclinations are few and far between, and Jesse didn’t even try to resist the heated attraction between them. But he never counted on his nameless companion of the previous night turning out to be Wardley Bridger, now his colleague and fellow investigator.
Bridger, at peace with his nature in a way Jesse is not, proves to be a calm and canny companion as they travel south and start sorting through a mystery that stretches out from the dusty Pueblo of Angles into the brush-covered hills of Ranchero Los Robles. But as the ghost rider’s threat overshadows both them and the ranchers of Los Robles, can Jesse still learn that friendship might merge with his shadowed hungers to gift him with a kind of bond he has never even dared to desire?

Summer Storm
By: Molly Church

20 pages / 5600 words
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One wet, wild summer day, Cathal, a young Irishman, is out walking along the beach near his home, only to see an injured selkie stumble ashore. A storyteller himself, Cathal feels a strange sort of responsibility for the fairytale creature, and brings him home. Over the course of the summer, their relationship grows into love, only for the selkie's mysterious past to come back to haunt them. That
New From Prizm Books this Week...

The Easter Bunny
By: Charlie Purcell

13 pages / 3400 words
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Jeff has always found comfort in the sense of community he gets from his church. He grew up with these people, and they know everything about him… except that he’s gay. When a cute, new boy shows up as a volunteer Easter Bunny, Jeff decides to finally make a move, but the choices he makes on this Easter Sunday could completely change the life he’s always known.
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A Werewolf in Sheep's Clothing by Rob Rosen

New Next Week From Prizm Books...
Dreamcatcher by Iyana Jenna

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