Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New Releases from Torquere Press

Trace Evidence
By: Alexa Snow
99 pages / 28600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-445-7
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Mitch is a police detective with a life that should be smooth sailing; unfortunately, his boyfriend is getting on his nerves, he has a murder to solve, and he has a mysterious stranger telling him details no one but the killer could know. Can Mitch make sense of the chaos before the killer chooses another victim?
Originally published in To Protect and Serve.

Dragon Bound
By: JB McDonald
74 pages / 21100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-444-0
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All Ashe wanted was to collect Katsu and go home. All Katsu wanted was Ashe. Figuring out that they're in love might have taken a while, but now that they've done it there's only one thing remaining: to leave the country.
Except a bounty on Ashe's head means that everyone is out to kill him. Threats are constant and injuries abound. Not even the dragon can stop a mob from slaughtering Ashe, and if a mythical creature can't do it, what hope does a dispossessed prince have? They'll need a miracle to get out of this alive, and none of them believe in miracles anymore.

By: T. Strange
15 pages / 4500 words
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Max is looking for the real BDSM deal. He complains to his friend Randy about the lack of kink in his life, so Randy gives him an address and tells him to go there before he gets too desperate. Max gives in and ventures to what he’s expecting to be a club. Instead, he finds a rough, blue-collar drinking establishment where he seems less than welcome. He’s rescued by Adam, a rough, no-nonsense top who shows him that BDSM is still alive and thriving.

Tanny and the Cage, a Hammer story
By: Sean Michael
17 pages / 4100 words
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Billy and Montana have been busy lately, focusing on things outside of their relationship, and it's led to disaster. Can they find themselves and each other again in the tools and toys of their relationship? Billy and Montana are featured in the popular Hammer series.
Originally published in Toy Box: Cage
Coming Next Week...
Masks Off, Too! edited by M. Rode

Individual Stories Available from Masks Off, Too!
Cultural Hospitality by Laylah Hunter
The Other Side of Midnight by G.O. Noce
Passion Unmasked by Jade Astor
Perfection by Anna Hedley
Scented by Sam Schooler
Fool Me Twice by Missouri Dalton
Eternity by Sean Michael
Super Juicy by BA Tortuga and Julia Talbot
Coming Next Week from Prizm Books...
Monster Town by Dakota Chase

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