Friday, March 1, 2013

New from Breathless Press-Feb 22nd, 2013

Love and Terror in the High Andes by Kelley J. Nightrose
Breathless Press

Sparks fly when a young woman in desperate circumstances has to rely on a mysterious stranger to protect her.

Angela, a young British journalist, tags along with a scientific research team into the high Andean forests of Peru and finds herself the lone survivor after a vicious attack by bloodthirsty predators. Her only hope lies with Jason, a gorgeous wild man. Unable to communicate verbally, Angela and Jason discover that, sometimes, words are unnecessary. The most important things are best when experienced. In the midst of their desperate struggle to stay alive, Angela finds the one place she belongs, Jason's arms. But saving her could cost him everything.

All for Spilled Blood by R. Ann Sircusa
Tour Director Extraordinnaire Series, Book 4
Contemporary Sweet Romance

An international youth convention, art smugglers, and terrorists trying to recruit young computer geniuses and a national art treasure.

Harriet Ruby, tour director extraordinaire, and her fianc� and favorite spy, Will Talbot, travel to Russia undercover as tour directors for the US delegation to an international youth conference. Harriet tackles her first covert assignment to investigate smuggled artwork while Will's mission is to locate and destroy a group of terrorists recruiting young computer experts.

Their marriage plans hit a snag when Will locates a long-lost cousin with startling news about his heritage. When the artwork being smuggled has particular significance to one of the terrorist sympathizers, their missions entangle and begin to unravel, leaving Will at the mercy of terrorist kidnappers and Harriet holding the bag.

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