Wednesday, February 6, 2013

New Release Day from Torquere Press

By: Pelaam
54 pages / 14500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-431-0
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Alexus' role in life as a Slayer is to remove or eliminate preternatural beings as dictated by his town’s bishop, Mathias. He is deeply in love with Josiah, the town apothecary, who also creates weapons and protective garb for Alexus. When dealing with the latest supernatural threat to the town, however, Alexus quickly realizes that the real threat is something far darker and more deadly than it first appears.
When Josiah is attacked, Alexus goes after his abductors and uncovers the true evil. But in trying to save Josiah, will his own life be forfeit?

The Family You Choose
By: Ellen Bishop

37 pages / 10000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-430-3
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It's been nearly a year since Henry Graham's brother and wife passed away and he took custody of their daughter, Brenna. He never thought he'd be a parent, much less to a grieving eight year-old girl, and Brenna proves to be almost more than he can handle. Her willful personality and stubborn temper drive away nannies almost faster than he can hire them, and Henry's nearly at his wit's end. When the most recent nanny shows up for the job, Henry is as equally appalled by the fact that it's a man as he is by the tattoos up and down his arms. Before either of them know it, Michael Anders is filling gaps in their lives that they didn't know they had, and no matter how unprofessional it is, he can't deny the attraction he feels for his nanny.

Trick and Treat
By: Rob Rosen 16 pages / 3600 words
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A plan for a chocolaty surprise Valentine’s gift goes horribly, if not hysterically, awry as David tricks his boyfriend, Jay, into posing for an erotic mold—which is not at all easy to do when your boyfriend doesn’t know he’s posing for it. Not easy, no, but certainly fun, especially when it’s cast in the middle of the woods on a beautiful, sunny afternoon. Though when the gift eventually arrives, wrapped in red silk, it’s not sent to the right house, nor eaten by the intended recipient. Still, these two have enough love, if not certain large appendages, to share, and it’s a happy Valentine’s Day ending for everyone, just the same.
New From Prizm Books...

I Hate Love
By: Foxglove Lee
19 pages / 4400 words
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Half the school calls Laura "The Ice Queen." Even her closest friends have never seen her cry... until she's assigned to debate a Pro-Valentine's Day position in class. As far as Laura and Mila are concerned, V-Day's just an excuse to sell chocolate. Their friend Jaden says they're against Valentine's Day because they hate love. Maybe he’s right. Laura's never wanted the things teens are supposed to want most. Why is she so different?
On the eve of Valentine's Day, warmth creeps into Laura's life from unexpected places. By midnight, life might not feel quite so icy.

A Hero's Tale
By: Stephen A. Spellman
19 pages / 5800 words
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Mr. Ireman is on his way from New York City to visit his in-laws across the country when he discovers that his plane has been hijacked by knife- and bomb-wielding terrorists. Now, John is no hero. He’s nothing more than a simple man with a simple life. But once his very existence is plunged into imminent danger, he finds that there can be a hero in the most unlikely of packages. As the life or death drama plays on, he, as well as his fellow passengers find that in each of them there lies a well of untapped and insurmountable strength. The terrorists began with the upper hand, but by the end of the flight, it is the passengers who are in control of their destiny.
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Chocolate Coated Reunion by Berengaria Brown
Un-Dying Love by Charlie Purcell
Truffles and Leather by Winnie Jerome

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