Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Releases from Torquere Press

He Loves Me For My Brainsss
edited by Elizabeth L. Brooks, with stories by Lynn Townsend, Rob Rosen, Alyx Shaw, Damian Serbu, K.C. Morgan, V.L. Locey
180 pages / 63000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-414-3
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This collection breaks the mold of the stale, stock-standard zombie story. In Lynn Townsend's "W.O.L.", Knight Korin meets Doctor Avesy and is forced to consider the sacrifices that every Knight must make -- and wonder if the cure is worse than the disease. In "The Domesticated Zombie" by Rob Rosen, zombie Jake starts to show signs that he's not entirely dead, and Max, his owner, gets more than he bargained for. "Fox Spirit" by Alex Shaw gives us Karl, who's never really understood his lover Kenny's fascination with foxes. When their oldest fox dies late one rainy night, Kenny asks Karl to bury him, but Karl unfortunately decides to wait until morning...
Damian Serbu's "Delicious Caleb" presents us with a professor at a conservative college who has always had to hide his lust for men -- until his zombie state forces him to accept assistance from his one-time student, Caleb. "Violet" by K.C. Morgan introduces us to Josh, whose world crumbled when he came out to his parents with disastrous results. Little did Josh know that the rest of the world was about to end, as well. And in V.L. Locey's "Two Guys Walk into an Apocalypse", Paul and Gordon face off against the zombies with only a cat, a senile old man, their love, and their killer wit.

The Dragon and his Knight
By: M. Raiya

29 pages / 7400 words
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What does it feel like to belong to someone else? Body, mind, even soul? And what if the man who owns you is a dragon shifter with magic and immortality? For Wells, it means a thousand years of love, laced with danger, desire, and the freedom of the sky on Justin's back.
But what happens when that bond is suddenly wrenched apart?
Originally published in the Mine anthology.

The Baby New Year
By: Rob Rosen
13 pages / 3100 words
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Lewis is babysitting his sister Rosemary’s baby, Damien. Clark is trying to enjoy a blissful New Year’s Eve in his apartment, ten blocks away from Times Square. Worlds collide, as do certain other body parts, when Damien decides that blissful is no longer on the agenda. Thankfully, the new neighbor is way hotter, not to mention decidedly more limber, than the previous ones, so while no longer blissful, at least the New Year starts off with a bang!

Under His Wings
By: Anna Bayes
13 pages / 3700 words
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Bonnie thought Matt was everything she ever wanted: boyishly charming, understanding and exciting. The she realized that he had another lover: Sean, an artistic, intensely jealous and handsome man. She tries, and fails to accept herself as the barely tolerated female lover. On New Year’s Eve, she demands a meeting amongst the three. The confrontation sparks dangerous rage, and something else with an entirely different heat level: steamy desire. Can she bring about a reconciliation satisfactory to everyone involved as she surrenders to her passion?
New this week from Prizm Books...

By: Voss Foster
211 pages / 58400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-413-6
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A demon hunter, Daniel Tartaros is sworn to slay the denizens of Hell and, for over a decade, he has. He’s kept the world, and his girlfriend, safe. But, one night, the demons cross the threshold to his home. His girlfriend is taken, possessed by a powerful demon. Too powerful for him.
But the horror increases when he finds out the truth: it’s not just a demon. Lilith, the Queen of Hell, has bound herself into a human body to be with him. But broken free and without the restraint of a human life, she still needs him, and plans to use all of her power to keep him. She’ll do what it takes to keep him, even if it means the end of life. With Earth hanging by spider’s silk, the tiniest ripple from either Daniel or Lilith could send it swinging into the fires of destruction.
Coming Next Week...
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A Knot in Your String by Kayla Bain-Vrba
White Flag by Mel Spenser

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