Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Release - PI Honeytrap



Kristal Baird

An erotic romance novel
Published by Xcite Books Ltd – 2013 


Hayley doesn’t trust men. She thinks most of them are only good for one thing. And she gets plenty of that honey-trapping cheating husbands or satisfying her own needs with local gym owner, Reuben.

And woe-betide him if he even tries to get emotionally close to her. Because tough girl Hayley is running. From her past. From herself.

Will Reuben ever understand this girl? Will Hayley ever accept exactly who she is and what she needs from a man? Will she learn to trust again?

About Kristal

I write sexy romance. I laugh a lot. I sometimes do both at the same time!

I’ve had an eclectic mix of jobs which include working for a vet and an orthopaedic surgeon (and I never got mixed up once!). I’ve driven a four ton truck for a touring theatre company and worked as an au pair for a French alpine ski-ing instructor… (I’m making that one a new novel so look out for it). I taught English to adults in Italy (and only got that job because I was the only applicant who also spoke French, as the French School Principle spoke no English – and you think you’re confused!)

I’ve lived in several different countries as far apart as Australia and Scotland and tend to make myself right at home. I even adopt the local slang and have kept twinges of the accents to this day. I’ve seen Les Miserables (the theatre production) in three different countries.

I get most of my exercise letting dogs out and cats in and catering to their every whim. I’m a soft touch, like that. One day I’m going to walk El Camino de Santiago in one go. And get on the Times Best Seller List – wonder which I’ll do first?

I’ve also written PA Exposé, another full-length sexy romance.


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