Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Release Day from Torquere Press

Lust and Skin
By: Jamie Lowe
39 pages / 10000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-424-2
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Jeremy is no stranger to piercings, but the world of tattoos is all new to him. When sexy tattoo artist Dennis offers to give him his fist ink, Jeremy can’t decide if his lust is for the tattoo or for the guy willing to give it to him. Jeremy has to decide whether he trusts Dennis enough to let the man have a shot at leaving a permanent mark on his heart as well as on his skin.

Table 26
By: Kanata Pierre

73 pages / 18000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-423-5
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Twenty-three-year-old Cam Phillips is a waiter at Newark Airport’s The Layover and has aspirations of owning his own restaurant in New York. With a lust for older men and stormy eyes that demand affection, Cam has a troubled past with airport regulars that includes bathroom rendezvouses.
Every Thursday night, Cam rebuffs the advance of Anderson Montgomery, a corporate lawyer more than a decade older, who always sits at Table 26. Anderson seems different from Cam’s usual encounters, having class and offering kindness, but Cam’s troubled past keeps him from committing to a relationship that seems more take than give. What is he willing to give to Anderson, and what can he give—other than cayenne pepper in Anderson’s meals?

Absolute Virgin, a Torquere Menage
By: G. R. Richards 18 pages / 4700 words
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All through high school, Turner had a mad crush on his math teacher. Turner’s an absolute virgin, never been kissed, but there’s no point hitting on Neville. Teachers can't hook up with students. The super-strict school board has a rule that says teachers can’t even start a relationship with a student right after graduation. They have to wait until the next calendar year. So, New Year's at midnight, Turner waits outside Neville's darkened house. When his former teacher arrives home with another man, will Turner run away crying or insist on getting his absolute cherry popped?

Sharing Tomorrow
By: Michael Barnette
18 pages / 4400 words
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Fae-born Kyle has been alone for decades; everyone he once knew is gone. The need to be around others, even humans, has grown so great he can no longer remain alone. Then he enters a bar and he someone who seems to know what he is, a man named Anluan.
But Anluan is more than a man and on the cusp of New Year's they discover they don't have to be alone anymore as the magic of faerie weaves a spell around them to bring them a very Happy New Year indeed.
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Delicious by Niamh Murphy

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Vampirism and You by Missouri Dalton

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