Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New Release Day from Torquere Press

We hope you enjoy this week's releases including 1 Novel, 1 Novella and 2 New Year, New Experiences Sips.

By: Alex Douglas
221 pages / 63000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-416-7
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Prez has been in the arms – or tentacles – of one too many brothel workers in his time. The memory of long-lost love is all he has, and it’s not enough. But no one in the Belaar-Andra system wants an alien half-breed for a partner, so life is as good as it can be. He’s making money, he’s going places, he’s got friends and a spaceship he loves – a decrepit cargo ship named Outcast. And now he’s got a new co-pilot, from the remote world of Aldor. Lan’s mysterious and doesn’t say a lot, but as they get to know each other, Prez starts to feel something he hasn’t felt in a long time – hope.
But the past hasn’t quite released him, and the Outcast isn’t done yet. On its final mission to deliver a mysterious cargo for the Belaari government, long-buried secrets start to stir. When his old co-pilot – and best friend – is finally himself again, Prez has a difficult decision to make, but Lan has other ideas about his own destiny. A rich man at last, can Prez finally get the things he really wants?

Sweet as Chili Pepper
By: Veronica Sloane

46 pages / 12200 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-415-0
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Meet Theo, an art teacher looking to start over. An accident has robbed him of his sense of smell and taste, not to mention ended his long term relationship with the melodramatic Ian. At a diner on the way from his old life to his new one, Theo will meet Jude, a busker, looking for a ride that will take him away from past mistakes. The two of them share one steamy night that will change them forever.

Knot in Your String
By: Kayla Bain-Vrba 21 pages / 5200 words
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Wyatt Brave became an international phenomenon with the success of his first mainstream punk-pop album. Now that it's past time for his sophomore release, however, he finds that he can't write the love songs his album desperately needs. Enter Bryce, the small-town pretty boy who played in Wyatt's touring band. One passionate night together gives Wyatt the drive he needs to finish his album and leaves Bryce wanting more. But when Wyatt takes off the next morning, Bryce is forced to admit that maybe he was just another notch in Wyatt's bedpost—a knot in his string.

White Flag
By: Mel Spenser
31 pages / 7900 words
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Jimmy and Trevor (introduced in the Halloween Sip, “Nemesis”) haven’t seen each other in several weeks and can’t wait to rekindle their new relationship. They intend to pick up where they left off by having some “together time” over the New Year holiday. Things look promising until Jimmy finds out an unexpected guest may throw a wrench in their plans. Can they overcome this latest obstacle and start the New Year fresh?
Coming Next Week...
Death's Children by Missouri Dalton

Charming Monsters by Kannan Feng

Ricochet by BA Tortuga

New Year, New Experiences Sips:

When the World was a Blank Page by Veronica Slone
My Sunrise by Ava Kelly

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