Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Horseman Spell by Cheryl Rhodes

Title: Horseman Spell
Author: Cheryl Rhodes
Genre: Romance (Contemporary, Sweet)
Publisher: Musa Publishing (Dec. 28, 2012)
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Pam never expected to be spending time at the racetrack again, but a romantic connection with Scott – her new next door neighbor and ex-boyfriend’s brother – throws her back into the exciting world of horseracing.
Dealing with trips to the racetrack, mysterious phone calls, unknown late night visitors, and an unexplained light appearing upon the hill, the tranquil farm life Pam loves has been turned upside down ever since Scott moved in.

If Pam’s life hadn’t already become chaotic enough, her relationship with Scott is threatened when his brother, Lyle, returns to town.

Author Bio:
Cheryl Rhodes lives in Cloverdale, British Columbia with her husband Kerry, She has two dogs: a Border Collie cross named Shadow and a black Lab named Chica. She also owns three horses: Lucky, a retired Standardbred racehorse; a gorgeous Appaloosa, Whistler; and a mischievous Quarter Horse, Cajun. Cheryl enjoys traveling, photography, reading, and horseback riding.




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