Thursday, January 17, 2013

17 Jan ~ New Releases Changeling Press

New from Changeling Press ~ 17 January 2013

Blind Faith by Brannan Black
Wolfman Tales, Book 3

(Erotic M/M/F Paranormal Futuristic Romance)

Life among humans. Not something my two wolfmen ever expected to experience again. The women at the compound are just as surprised to find themselves sharing their sanctuary with the very wolfmen they're trying to protect themselves from. Learning to trust each other won't be easy but I have faith, in my wolfmen and our love. Love conquers all. Right? If only it were that easy.

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Fangs In Fur by Cynthia Sax
Fangs In, Book 2

(Erotic M/F Vampire Werewolf Romance)

I'm Helena and I'm no delicate flower, my rough touch making former paranormal lovers cry. I'm looking for someone big and strong and preferably not a wolf, especially not that alpha wolf I have stalking me.

I'm not attracted to him -- no matter how wide his shoulders or how high his pain tolerance. I'm not that foolish. Lasting relationships between wolves and vampires are forbidden, and this male has the gleam of forever in his wild eyes. He is determined to make me his mate and that, I know, will break the fragile peace between our species.

There's a thin, blood-red line between enemies and lovers. I'm about to cross it.

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Sushi In Atlantis by Ashlynn Monroe
Wet Series

(Erotic M/F Shifter Romance)

Long ago, the people of Atlantis were cursed. Their world sank into the great blue waters surrounding the sacred island. They've lived all these centuries deep within the ocean as dolphin-shifters -- avoiding the world of men. If Prince Reil cannot find a land-dweller to be his mate by his twenty-fifth birthday, he will be a dolphin forever. Riel decides it's better to die as half a man than live as all of a fish. He leaves the safety of what he knows for a world he can't imagine.

Caprice is on vacation with her girlfriends. She's been planning this cruise for two years, so when she becomes separated from them, and sees her ship sailing away, she's crushed. As she walks down the beach, watching the sun sink in the horizon, she wonders what she's going to do. Then she sees the hottest blond ever and decides being stranded doesn't mean her time in paradise is ruined. Just because she missed the boat doesn't mean she's missed the fun.

Can Reil convince his mocha beauty to make whoopee before he becomes sushi?

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Fantasy vs. Reality by Zenobia Renquist
~ Razor's Edge Press ~

(Contemporary Erotica)

Stacy hates benefit dinners -- fake smiles and empty conversation with people she can barely tolerate. Good thing she has her imagination to keep her occupied with sexual fantasies involving the other guests. And as the night wears on, it gets harder to tell where fantasy ends and reality begins.

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  1. Thank you for featuring our releases, Dawn! (big hugs) I hope readers smile when they read Fangs In Fur! I wrote it to cheer up a reading buddy!