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New Release from Raven McAllan~Teaching Teacher

Teaching Teacher by Raven McAllan
Contemporary M/M
Breathless Press
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Finding love in a new town had not been in Seb's plans. But life has a tendency to throw you curveballs – like Ruari.

When the new head teacher walks into his bar, Ruari knows he has to have him, and damn the consequences. When lust turns to love, nothing else matters. Together they will overcome, no matter what. Or will circumstances drive them apart?

Friday, December 21, 2012

Newest Releases from Breathless Press~December 21st, 2012

Breathless Press is an electronic publisher of paranormal, erotic, and mainstream romance, releasing one to three e-books a week in a variety of downloadable formats. It is Breathless Press' mission to provide readers with quality romance books in electronic formats and to raise the standard in e-publishing. If you are new to eBooks, take a look around.

Our Young Adult Imprint line~Lycaon Press

Newest Releases for December 21st:

Merry Christmas Shelton by Dianne Hartsock
M/M Contemporary, Holiday
Breathless Press
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Can Shelton and Nevil overcome the obstacles of a blizzard, a baby, and one hot redhead and find their way to a merry Christmas?

Shelton and Nevil have rented a cozy cabin in the mountains in which to spend the Christmas holiday. Tree is lit. Presents sparkle. Shelton anticipates a very merry Christmas indeed. But then a blizzard springs up, landing a sexy redhead on their doorstep looking like trouble in a pretty package.

Tommy brings a message for Nevil, but when he first hits on Shelton in the shower, then offers to drive Nevil to his sister's side while she has her baby, Shelton begins to wonder just how this mixed up Christmas is going to end.

Deck Mac Hall by Raven McAllan
BDSM, Contemporary Holiday
Breathless Press
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For ten years Mac had trained to understand the sort of Dom he is. Now he must explain himself to Holly and hope it's what she wants.

Holly has lusted after Mac for years, so when he suddenly announces this Christmas is the right time, she is determined to see it through.

Mac is a man of extreme tastes, and he's not all sure that Holly can be the sub he needs. He has prepared for this time for years.

Will all this preparation bear fruit, or is little Holly going to run away screaming? There's only one way to find out.

Christmas is Cancelled by Aurelia B. Rowl
Contemporary Romance, Holiday
Breathless Press
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Could Tilly's day get any worse? Even Christmas had been cancelled! Will
Dean succumb to temptation as he endeavors to make Christmas better for both of them?

Matilda 'Tilly' Carter didn't think her day could get any worse, but even Christmas had just been cancelled.

The one girl Dean Watson has sworn never to have—never even expected to see again—just flared back into his life and into his home—his sanctuary—like she belonged there. Christmas would certainly be more bearable with Tilly around though...

As the chinks in Dean's armor appear, Tilly seizes the chance to win her knight once and for all. She's not about to take no for answer—not this time—but Dean must resist, even as his heart rebels and temptation threatens to undermine his resolve.

Win or lose? Love or honor? Which will Dean choose? Assuming he gets a choice...

Donovan's Deal by Lee Brazil
A Truth or Dare Story
Breathless Press
Contemporary, M/M, Holiday
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Making a family is harder than keeping house. Donovan's patience is wearing thin, but Mischa needs time to make things right. Will Christmas bring heartache or compromise?

Mischa Blake needs the relaxation of the Blake brothers' weekly poker games now more than ever as he feels the pressure of his responsibilities as a parent, partner, and student multiplying. When one of his siblings proposes reviving their game of Truth or Dare, Mischa revolts. Instead, they all agree to share a truth, and Mischa has to decide how much of his domestic situation to share with his family.

The frantic pace of life is overwhelming, and Mischa has begun to let things slide. With the holidays just around the corner, he figures his current situation is a temporary thing. When he misses one of his son's soccer game that Donovan left work early to attend, time runs out.

Upset by the hurt in their son's eyes, Donovan decides that something must be done. He's worried that he's pushed Mischa into doing things at the wrong time, pushed his dreams on his young lover, just pushed too hard for too much in general.

In a desperate attempt to get Mischa to think about what he wants instead of what Donovan wants, Donovan issues an ultimatum. He sends Mischa away with orders to think about his priorities.

Baby, You're Cold Inside by Ivy Bateman
A Naughty Nursery Rhymes Story
Breathless Press
Contemporary Erotic Romance
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Lily Sinclair isn't in the Christmas spirit.

Successful, sexy and headstrong; being nice is too overrated when being naughty is so much more fun. However, there are those who believe that her cool interior stands in her way of true happiness. On the night when something a little bit colder than Lily takes her on a journey to her past, she goes along for the ride, but...

Will her guide show her just what it will take to melt her icy soul?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

New Releases from Torquere Press

Beaten, a Hammer Novel
By: Sean Michael
216 pages / 54300 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-409-9
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Little Francis is recovering from an abusive relationship that put him in the hospital. He's doing fine now, working at Permanent Ink and staying in one of the spare bedrooms at Treat and Killian's place. He knows now that love and the lifestyle aren't in the cards for him, and he's trying to make peace with that.
Enter Nick, a single Dom who falls for Francis the moment he lays eyes on him. Nick has to battle not only an overprotective Killian just to get a date with Francis in the first place, but also Francis' own beliefs that he's somehow responsible for bringing out his abuser's dark side.
Just when things seem to be going Nick and Francis' way, Francis' past comes back to haunt not only Francis, but everyone he's close to as well.
Can Nick convince Francis that not only is an abusive Dom is the exception and not the rule, but that Francis wasn't responsible for the man's actions? And will Little Francis ever let himself fall in love again?

Mannies Incorporated
By: Sean Michael
228 pages / 56600 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-410-5
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Slayde's got the best job on earth: he's a nanny to Army nurse and widow Mindy's three kids. He's been with the family since the oldest was born and is Uncle Slayde to all three children. When Mindy's deployed, things aren't easy, but he manages just fine. At least he does until Mindy's big brother Drake shows up unexpectedly, announcing he's there to help while Mindy is gone.
Drake is almost a stranger to the kids, hot as hell, especially in his motorcycling leathers, and straighter than straight. On top of that, Drake's not used to dealing with kids, with things like gluten free, recycling and not eating fast food and soon has Slayde's tight routine in shambles.
Slayde thinks Drake is far more of a hindrance than a help, at least at the start, but he tries to get along for Mindy's sake and eventually, having Drake around is easier than not. But what's he supposed to do when the straight, sexy leather wearing ex-cop makes a pass at him one night? Maybe there's more to Drake than Slayde assumed.

La Posada
By: Kate Roman

20 pages / 5000 words
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Twenty-one-year-old Clay Garcia is obligated to take part in the posadas, his family's traditional Mexican Christmas celebration. But while Clay's spirit is willing, his flesh dreams of the return of his older ranch hand lover. On December 23rd, the eighth of nine nights of festivities, the wise man returns, and Clay finally has something to celebrate. Now if only he can keep his family from finding out…

Sugar Bush
By: Giselle Renarde
19 pages / 5000 words
Buy Link:
The island will always be home to Jeanette. Every year, she returns from the city to spend Christmas with Nanaate's family. Boxing Day, it’s BDSM in the sugar bush. Nanaate worries their annual tradition of bondage and temperature play might be harming Jeanette's chance of finding true love in the city, but Jeanette knows better. Their relationship transcends all things, but if Jeanette can't make Nanaate understand, this year's visit could well be their last.

Wrapped Up With Tinsel
By: Kanata Pierre
18 pages / 4100 words
Buy Link:
Fifty years ago, “Nick” vowed never to be alone on Christmas Night again after Mrs. Claus left him. He dieted, shaved, and dyed his hair and, with his charm and appeal, made his way through the naughty list. Now, Nick finds himself alone on Christmas Night, Ms. “I-Starred-in-Three-Movies-Last-Year” cancelling their date at the last moment.
Tinsel, Nick’s assistant elf, struggles to find Santa a date and ignores calls from his unfaithful gift wrapper of an ex, prompting Nick to invite Tinsel to an impromptu Christmas dinner. Amidst burgers and merlot, they enjoy each other’s company and begin to wonder if there’s more to their relationship than boss and subordinate.

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BETWEEN, a New Release from Clarissa Johal

by Clarissa Johal

Genre: Paranormal
Publisher: Musa Publishing


How far would you go to redeem yourself? 


After a devastating accident, Lucinda moves to a small town in an attempt to start over. Unable to escape her grief, she is plagued by haunting nightmares. Just as she fears she’s spiraling out of control, two newcomers move into the coastal town. Lucas is protective and caring, and she feels an immediate connection. The other stranger is more of a worry. Though everything about Cronan warns her to keep her distance, Lucinda is attracted to him in a way she can’t ignore.
Drawn into a bitter tug-a-war, Lucinda is pulled into a dangerous twist of past and present events. She discovers the two men are locked in not only a battle for her life...but a battle for salvation.

Purchase BETWEEN


Clarissa Johal has worked as a veterinary assistant, zoo-keeper aide and vegetarian chef. Writing has always been her passion. When she’s not listening to the ghosts in her head, she’s dancing or taking photographs of gargoyles. She shares her life with her husband, two daughters and every stray animal that darkens the doorstep. One day, she expects that a wayward troll will wander into her yard, but that hasn’t happened yet.

New from Avril Ashton: Reindeer Games - DASHER

Reindeer Games - DASHER

M/F Interracial, Erotic Romance

Exotic dancer Monroe Calliste recognizes the reindeer shifter eyeing her with open curiosity as she performs on stage. She remembers too well the one night they allowed themselves free reign over each other’s bodies. But he doesn’t recall their tryst, or maybe pretends not to. Either way, Monroe sets out to give him a refresher course.

Dasher Petrovic has no memory of the coffee-colored temptress insisting they shared more than their bodies at one time. Monroe’s eyes reflect a mutual burn, but she can’t be right. If he’d spent even a second in her bed, he’d know. His ice melts under Monroe’s fire, but the question remains, what happened to his memory?


New from Robin Gideon~ Celeste's Story

Celeste's Choice by Robin Gideon
Second Chance at Love Series, Book 2
Siren Publishing
Erotic Historical May-December Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, HFN

*Available at 15% off till December 24th*

Lady Celeste Fallon’s cruel husband of eighteen years is turning her life into a living hell. At thirty-six, Celeste discovers passion in the arms of her coachman, the handsome and muscular Heath McCord. When he introduces her to his assistant, the young and gorgeous Laine Chandler, ménage à trois passion explodes!
Now that she has at last found love and sizzling passion in her life, Celeste must find a way to free herself from her loathsome husband. To make matters worse, her cruel and grasping in-laws are plotting to take control of her fortune in the courts through legal trickery. In 1890s England, a woman has little legal control over her own life. Can Lady Celeste keep her fortune, and the two lovers in her life, or will she lose it all to cruel forces beyond her control?
Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

Friday, December 14, 2012

New Christmas Release: Decorating Spirit by Zenobia Renquist

Decorating Spirit
Santa's Helpers (multi-author series)
by Zenobia Renquist

Changeling Press

eBook BIN: 06109-01961
Genre: Erotic Urban Fantasy Romance, Interracial, Fey
Price: $2.99
Length: Novella

She's making sure Christmas comes more than once this year.

The Spirit of Christmas should be a joyous person who can spread happiness around the world. Spir is anything but. His mood is as dark as the black clothes he wears. Danette is hired to change his clothing in hopes that his attitude will follow. Spir doesn't want to cooperate. When she finally gets him out of his clothes, Danette discovers something harder than her job and much more enjoyable.

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Estelle's Story by Robin Gideon
Second Chance at Love Series, Book 1
Siren Publishing
Erotic Historical Multiple Partner Romance, M/F/M, voyeurism, HEA

Princess Estelle Moreland is married to a brutish man who is making her life a living hell. She tries to follow her dissolute husband to one of his favorite brothels in the seedier side of London, needing evidence necessary for a legal divorce. Thugs attack her in an alley, but she’s rescued by two of the most gorgeous men she’s ever seen. They take her with them as they escape.
When Prince Julian Thurstan and Count Alek Faust meet Estelle and hear why she was in such a neighborhood, they decide to take action. In the process of freeing Estelle, they ignite a fire of passion in her that burns red-hot and can’t be extinguished—no matter where they are.
In 1890s London, the legal system is stacked against women. Julian and Alek set about releasing Estelle from her horrid matrimonial bonds, matching wits against a cruel and cunning man determined to keep his only source of wealth—his wife.
Note: This book was previously published with another publisher and has been extensively revised and expanded.

New from Bella Juarez~Hostile Home Front

Hostile Home Front by Bella Juarez
Black Ops Brotherhood Series, Book 2
Romantic Suspense
Siren Publishing
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*Available till December 19th at 15% off the price*

Special Agent Gavin “Badass” Walsh of the FBI is sent to South Texas to investigate terrorist activities. While out on a disturbance call, Gavin encounters a mysterious seductress. Compelled to attend a local social function, Gavin is introduced to the woman who has become his growing obsession, Dr. Amy Livingston.
As they fall in love, they deal with challenges from their damaged pasts. After twenty four years as a SEAL, Gavin is haunted by demons of war. Amy carries on the quiet life of a librarian, but the facade hides a damaged soul.
As the pieces of a dangerous plot come together, Gavin must survive terrorists, dirty cops, and gangbangers all taking aim at him. Gavin walks a razor-thin line when terrorists decide to use Amy as bait. As Amy’s life hangs in the balance, Gavin realizes that failure is not an option to save the woman he loves.

New Release: Hot Rivals by Cheryl Dragon

Hot Rivals
All Male Nudes! Book 1
by Cheryl Dragon
Resplendence Publishing released 12/12/12
M/M Contemporary Erotic Romance

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Jay and Robbie both bare their bodies at the most popular strip club in Vegas. Pleasing the customer is their main job. However, Jay isn’t going to let the new guy knock him out of the top spot without playing dirty. Dating another stripper is asking for trouble, but in the end Jay finds himself being seduced by the sexiest cowboy in Vegas!

Bio:A lover of unusual things, Cheryl Dragon enjoys writing unique stories with sinfully hot erotic romance. Her two favorite settings are Las Vegas and New Orleans… where anything can happen! Cheryl lives in the Chicagoland area with her deaf albino cat.

New Releases from Torquere Press

100 Days to Christmas
By: Delilah Storm
46 pages / 12400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-404-4
Buy Link:
After nearly a year of online video chatting and text messaging, Jackson and Steve are finally going to meet in person. Jackson is a successful New York City lawyer. Steve owns a popular bakery called Sweet Cheeks, in San Diego – and with that bakery comes a touch of a dough boy body. Steve is understandably nervous and desperate to make a good impression on the man he’s fallen in love with, who has only seen him through a computer screen. Steve has a hundred days to Christmas to become the perfect package he believes Jackson wants to unwrap, over and over again. But can a clumsy chocolate fanatic more interested in feeding his personal trainer chocolate éclairs than in doing push-ups manage to stay the course?

Adding to the Collection, a Roughstock Holiday Story
By: BA Tortuga
60 pages / 15500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-403-7
Buy Link:
Rancher and homebody Derrick loves going to the bullriding finals in Reno, especially when he gets to see his favorite rider, Stone. This year he gets way more up close and personal with Stone than he ever expects, and all of his fantasies come true.
After Reno, though, Stone has nowhere to go for Christmas, so he shows up at Derrick’s ranch, knowing there’s something about Derrick that makes him think of settling down. Will Derrick panic and send Stone away, or will he had the rodeo cowboy to his collection?

Santa's Naughty Helper
By: Ari McKay
54 pages / 15100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-405-1
Buy Link:
When shy attorney Kevin Anderson draws Erik Wilson, his hunky co-worker, in their office’s secret gift exchange, he realizes this might be just the opportunity he needs to make Erik notice him. Erik seems to enjoy the game of twelve days of naughty gifts, but can Kevin overcome his fear of rejection enough to go through with his plan and offer himself to Erik on Christmas Eve?

Wicked Gift
By: Sean Michael
121 pages / 30000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-404-4
Buy Link:
Alec has the perfect gift for his lover Kono this year -- his best friend Swan.
Kono has a lot of fantasies about being a submissive, while Alec likes to watch and Swan is the best Dom he knows, so a week together fulfilling Kono's fantasies seems like just the ticket.
Of course, he hasn't taken into account that maybe there are stronger feelings at play here between all of them. Will these three men turn out to be exactly what they each need for Christmas this year?

Merry Christmas?
By: Raven de Hart

19 pages / 5200 words
Buy Link:
It’s Christmas Eve, and Skyy has one thing on his mind: sleep. But when he gets in the car after work, he finds a gift someone left for him. It’s just a note, but that is not by any stretch all there is. That note is just the first step in a long path to his merry Christmas.

On Top of the World
By: G.R. Richards
21 pages / 5300 words
Buy Link:
Brett's got the world's noisiest neighbors. Day and night, it's loud music and raucous parties. Maybe Brett's getting old, but he just wants to come home after Christmas shopping, wrap his gifts, and watch a made-for-TV holiday movie in peace. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so, because the music coming from the apartment upstairs is so loud Brett escapes to the cone of silence that is the stairwell. When he climbs up to the rooftop, he's surprised to find... no, it couldn’t be! Santa?
New from Prizm Books...

The Secret to a Perfect Latke
By: Foxglove Lee

11 pages / 5300 words
Buy Link:
Noah has never been on TV before, but he dreams of having his own cooking show one day. When he's asked to help a gourmet chef prepare latkes for a Hanukkah segment on the Sunny and The Bear show, his family is proud but suspicious. Sunny and The Bear is a "lifestyle" show that's popular among straight women, but it's hosted by gay men. What's more, the guests on this show have an uncanny tendency to come out of the closet live on national television...
Coming Next Week...

Beaten by Sean Michael

Mannies Incorporated by Sean Michael

Sugar Bush by Giselle Renarde
Wrapped up With Tinsel by Kanata Pierre
La Poseda by Kate Roman

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FLOWERS AND THORNS: We have Sharon Kleve with us.

FLOWERS AND THORNS: We have Sharon Kleve with us.: Sharon is our flower of the day.                                  .                                   Howdy Sharon, I'm thrilled to ...

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Release Day: Finn and the Bounty Hunters

Finn and the Bounty Hunters 

This title is offered at a 10% New Release discount. Offer ends midnight CST, December 15th.

[Ménage and More: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Finn Smith works for Boyztown, an escort agency that specializes in matching up kinky partners. Finn is attracted to the two sexy studs who requested his services, but his Werewolf instincts tell him they're trouble. He should have listened to his inner wolf. Zach Edwards and Luke Reed are bounty hunters—and Finn is their primary target.

Finn is hiding his own secret. He's been recruited by the Were Resistance to help them capture traitors. When Finn discovers that Zach and Luke are Werewolves hiding their scent with a new drug invented by government researchers, he's forced to alert the Resistance. Finn is lucky to escape the bounty hunters, but he's still got a target on his back. Zach and Luke have an attack of conscience and go after Finn to warn him, but can they find him before the Resistance finds them?

Happy Reading!


Gale Stanley

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Breathless Press's Newest Releases~December 7th, 2012

All Breathless Press new releases are exclusively available at our website for 30 days before going to our third party vendors such as Amazon, All romance and others.

The Perfect Gift by Raven McAllan
Ladies of London Series, Book 3
Historical Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-865-4
Words: 17883

Judith has the perfect present for Stephen—herself. Will he accept, or decline her gift?

Lady Judith Gresham had been in love with Stephen, Viscount Pelham for years.

Stephen eleven years her elder, treated her purely as one of his sisters friends; he was too old in years and deeds for such a young innocent. As his sister, was now happily married, there was no longer any reason to see her.

Even to himself he wouldn't admit he missed her.

So when his sister and her new husband decided to have a Christmas house party, and illness causes them to beg to use his home, he agreed. Even when he heard Judith was to be one of the guests he wasn't really worried, he would keep to himself, enjoy Maria Mallins, his long married mistress, and treat Judith with distant benevolence.

However Judith and his sister had other ideas.

Oh Christmas Tree by SJ Thomas
Holiday, Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-942-2
Words: 20042

A Christmas curse trapped him and a Christmas wish released him, but will the passion that is ignited be strong enough to keep them together? Cursed by the Spirit of Christmas, Scottish tree spirit Ghille Dhu has been bound in his spirit form to the Christmas tree for over a hundred and fifty years. He can only be freed by a woman with a true belief in Christmas.

Escaping the hurt of a recent breakup, Amanda Pearce has come to Scotland for the holidays and she is stunned when her idle wish for someone to share Christmas with conjures a fierce, wild looking male from her Christmas tree.

Having been trapped for so long Ghille Dhu is gripped by an overwhelming lust and desire for the woman who has freed him; a lust and desire that Amanda returns. She wants this other worldly male, and when his dominant side is revealed Amanda is surprised by her ready submission.

As Christmas approaches Amanda submits to Ghille Dhu's wild desires and firm control in ways she never has before, but will she give enough of herself to break the curse forever?

For The Love of Mutt by Doris O’Connor
Holiday Paranormal/Contemporary Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-77101-931-6
Words: 17029

A homeless shelter at Christmas may seem an odd place to find one's soul mate, but love knows no boundaries—or does it?

Anja has grown fond of the wolf-like dog hanging around the shelter. With her soon to be ex -boyfriend putting pressure on her, her canine friend proves to be more reliable than any human could ever be. If only he were more than just a dog.

Helping others is not always easy to do, unless Ethan can do so undercover. However, hiding your true self brings problems of its own. Finding a mate had not been in Ethan's plan of action, but Anja's easy acceptance of Mutt breaks through all of his defenses.

The problem is he is not what he seems, and will his deception by proxy prove the end of them before they even have a chance at love?

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New Release: Sinner, Savior

In Brooklyn they go hard...

Title: Sinner, Savior  (Brooklyn Sinners #2)
Author: Avril Ashton
Genre: GLBT, Erotic Romance
Publisher: Ellora's Cave


Sinner or Savior? Each man has a choice to make. It should be simple. It never is.

Gun runner Pablo Castillo has cemented his reputation in the gun trade as callous and cold-hearted. Personal feelings no longer matter, not with everyone out to make him a sacrifice on their way to the top. He remains untouchable, until a meeting with a rival gang leader and a new deal brings him face-to-face with temptation.

Dev is the right hand to a sadistic bastard out for blood and glory. He hides his true feelings of distaste for his boss, not the least of his many secrets. He could’ve sworn those secrets were safe, but after meeting Pablo he’s not so sure. The two men come together in a heated affair neither can deny, battling themselves, each other and a deadly enemy bent on spilling blood. Pablo and Dev will have to stick together or walk away from a love neither man expected to find. The choice should be simple. It never is.

Reader Advisory: Contains brief scenes of gang-related violence.

A Romantica® erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Ellora's Cave | Chapter One

Author Bio

A Caribbean transplant, Avril now lives in Brooklyn, N.Y with a tolerant Spousal Equivalent. Together they raise an eccentric daughter who loves reading and school (not so much school anymore). Avril’s earliest memories of reading revolve around discussing plot points of The Nancy Drew and The Hardy Boys with an equally book-minded mother  

Always in love with the written word, Avril finally decided to do the writing in August of ’09 and never looked back. Spicy love scenes, delicious heroes, and wicked women burn up the pages of Avril’s stories, but there’ll always be a happy ending; Av remains a believer of love in all its forms

New Release Day from Torquere Press

What She Wants, a Roughstock Menage
By: BA Tortuga
280 pages / 70500 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-402-0
Buy Link:
Calleigh and Adrian have always had an open marriage. Adrian being on the road all the time has made it easy for them to have separate lives, but neither of them acted on their agreement to see other people until Adrian met fellow Aussie and force of nature, Packer Stevens.
Now Packer and Adrian are always together, and Calleigh is left at home, missing her man. When Calleigh decides she’s not going to let Adrian go without a fight, she comes up with what she thinks is the perfect plan. She hits the spa, and the gym, and sets out to find her inner buckle bunny, intent on getting her bullrider back, and maybe on impressing Packer a little, too. She heads out on the road, ready to fight for her husband.
What Calleigh doesn’t understand is that her plan will be wildly successful, and also the hardest thing she’s ever done in her life. Packer is more than willing to play, but he’s as complicated as Calleigh is emotional. As much as he loves Calleigh and Packer, and the sexy games they play, Adrian has to try to set things right, but can he find a way to give Calleigh what she wants, and make everyone else happy at the same time?

Ink Anthology
edited by M. Rode with stories by Veronica Sloane, Elizabeth L. Brooks, Katherine Halle, D.K. Jernigan, Mychael Black, Emily Moreton, Zoe Trope, Brendan Atkins, Julia Talbot, BA Tortuga

192 pages / 52400 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-401-3
Buy Link:
Tattooed me are sexy, right? That’s the premise of the eight tales in the Ink anthology.
Victoria Sloane opens with The Frayed Line, the story of Dan, who daydreams about the black line on Jonah’s back until he finds out what’s underneath the ink. Sinner's Star by Elizabeth Brooks is the story of ex-con Dope, who discovers his best friend Rat isn't dead after all, but Rat has a new tattoo, a .45, and a grudge against Dope!
Katherine Halle brings us Kelly, who fantasizes about licking Dwayne's tattoos, and just might get his chance in Come Fly With Me. In Dragon by D.K. Jernigan, bartender Travis is haunted by a sexy man with a magnificent dragon tattoo. Now Travis just has to find him. Mychael Black's Detective Kris Winters is also looking for a man with a very special tattoo in Secrets.
In Pounding Skin by Emily Moreton, Mal's tattoo should confirm his commitment to the army. To his shock, it has far more impact on his life. In Simple Instructions by Zoe Trope & Brendan Adkins, Finn accepts an internship at a large law firm, and loves his position at the hands of Robert, a demanding, tattooed lawyer. Finally, in BA Tortuga’s Tramp Stamp, what's a vamp to do when he has a tattoo he can't get rid of? Read the Ink anthology to find out!

A Ghost Story
By: Shayne Carmichael
28 pages / 7000 words
Buy Link:
For more than eight centuries, Dante lived a placid existence confined to the estate where he died. That is, until an old lover from his past returns home, and a never forgotten passion is rekindled.
When the truth of Dante’s death is revealed, will Dante and Richard be able to weather the storm?

This Time of Year
By: Missouri Dalton
28 pages / 8700 words
Buy Link:
A dragon is loose in Chicago. Howl would be more concerned if the case didn’t keep interrupting his lunch reservations. Partnered up with the distractingly handsome Detective Reyes, Howl is going to have to pull himself out of his melancholy if he wants to solve the case and get back to his Christmas plans, getting drunk while watching It’s a Wonderful Life, alone. Well, not if Detective Reyes has anything to say about it.
Coming Next Week...

Adding to His Collection by BA Tortuga

Santa's Naughty Helper by Ari McKay

Wicked Gift by Sean Michael

100 Days to Christmas by Delilah Storm

Merry Christmas? by Raven de Hart
On Top of the World by GR Richards
New next week from Prizm Books...

The Secret to the Perfect Latke by Foxglove Lee