Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New Release Day Torquere Press

Roman Dream
By: Vic Winter
50 pages / 12000 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-400-6
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Linus has been having extremely vivid, very erotic dreams of his life as a slave during Roman times. In fact, his dreams are becoming so real he sometimes has trouble distinguishing them from reality. When he begins to notice people and places from his surroundings appearing in his dreams, he figures his brain has just filled in the details, but then he meets his dream master Markus at the library where he works. He’s never met the man before in his life, but Professor Mark is very real and Linus likes him so much more than the Markus in his dreams. Will he be able to keep his dream man and the real one separate?

Home Fires
By: BA Tortuga

70 pages / 18100 words
ISBN: 978-1-61040-397-9
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Escaping torturous captivity, Houston returns to his mate, Jackson. Jackson welcomes Houston back to their remote New Mexico home, and sets about healing Houston, body and soul. Can they remove the scars that Houston can’t hide? And can the two wolves escape the ghosts of the past when they come looking?

By: Katherine Halle
14 pages / 3300 words
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It's Christmas, and Jamie has just finished shopping only to find his car has a dead battery. He calls up ADAC, the German roadside assistance service, and Stefan arrives to jump his battery. The battery isn't the only thing getting charged up as Jamie finds himself increasingly aroused by the Italian mechanic. When Jamie's car is finally started, will that be the last he sees of Stefan, or will this be the start of something new?

Finding Kasey
By: Sean Michael
22 pages / 5300 words
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Curt is on the lookout for someone to play with for the evening, but he doesn't feel like going into The Frayed Rope, his usual BDSM haunt. Instead, he winds up following a man with a great ass into a dance club. Could Kasey be exactly what Curt's looking for?
Coming Next Week...
What She Wants by BA Tortuga

Ink edited by M. Rode

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