Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Present for Daddy by J.M. Snyder on Kindle!

On December 9th, my next short story will be released, but for now you can purchase A Present for Daddy exclusively on your Kindle!

This was a fun little story to write, and I wanted to give readers a bit more time to enjoy it since it's Christmas-themed. It's a happy little feel-good romance to brighten the darkest winter night. No sex, though, with a little bit of cheese, but what holiday story doesn't tug at the heart strings?

Six months after his wife leaves him, Bob Jansen finds himself spending the holidays with his parents in the town where he grew up. With him is his seven year old daughter, Jenna, who sometimes seems to be handling her mother's absence better than Bob is himself. But he's worried that, in her letter to Santa, Jenna has asked the jolly old elf for something Bob knows he can't pull off. He's afraid she wants her mother back for the holiday.

While shopping for his daughter's Christmas presents, Bob runs into Dave Knarr, an old friend. They used to be best buds in high school, before Julia, Bob's soon-to-be ex-wife, came between them. The two men catch up over drinks, and before the evening ends, Dave makes his real feelings for Bob known.

If Bob is shocked to learn Dave has always been attracted to him, he's more surprised by his own reaction. Even if he's willing to take another shot at romance, what will his daughter think of his old friend?

Read an excerpt or buy a copy of the e-book today!

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