Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Print Release~Surviving The Darkness by Shiela Stewart

Surviving the Darkness by Shiela Stewart
Book Eight in The Darkness Series
Breathless Press
Paranormal, Vampires Erotic Romance
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When death is on your trail, the only thing you can do is run.

Heading home to Jacob's Cove after her abductor is released from jail, concert pianist Deborah Carmichael just wants to find some peace. What she finds is a town run by monsters, and a kind night club owner willing to help her get her self-confidence back. Problem is, he's a shape shifter and his bar is frequented by demons.

Owner of the Demon's Lair, Zachary Adams has had to deal with all sorts of evil. Hearing about Deborah's horrifying ordeal, breaks his heart and he is determined to help her overcome it as best he can. But as the two grow closer, someone is lurking in the shadows. When Deborah is abducted again, Zach is willing to do anything to get her back.

Will he be able to save her before it's too late?

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