Saturday, October 6, 2012

A BAT OUT OF HELL - It's Release Day!

Hybrids 2

A caver looking for the discovery of a lifetime…
A hybrid freak hiding from the men who created him…
Bonding may be their only hope for survival.

A product of biological engineering, 119 has lived his entire life in an underground genetics lab. In order to survive he's become a compulsive daydreamer who longs for the freedom to fly. When an explosion gives him the opportunity to try his wings, the bat hybrid discovers that the outside world is a scary place and he seeks the safety of a dark underground cave.

Brad's life is all about caving and exploring the unknown and untouched, but an accident leaves him trapped underground and he's sure he'll never see the light of day again. Rescue comes in a way he never expected. A stranger who calls himself Mace promises to lead Brad to safety—but can he deliver?

Available at Silver Publishing:

Happy Reading

Gale Stanley

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