Sunday, October 28, 2012

10/28/12 ~ JMS Books & Queerteen Press releases!

TITLE: Champagne Bubbly
AUTHOR: Jennifer Cierra
ISBN: 9781611523768
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance
LENGTH: 10,257 words
PRICE: $2.99


Dan Rorney, assistant fashion editor at Cameron Magazine in Long Beach, CA, has spared no expense -- and no name brand -- in making sure his 30th birthday cum first book release party will be a blast. Five minutes before the party kicks off, everything's looking perfect ... until his brother texts to say he can't bring the champagne.

Dan panics, but he finally manages to locate an off-sale liquor shop willing to deliver champagne at the drop of a hat. He mingles nervously with his guests as he waits for the delivery man to show up ... who turns out to be far more delicious than the drink he carries.

TITLE: Smoke Break
AUTHOR: Kim Flowers
ISBN: 9781611524314
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Young Adult
LENGTH: 1,082 words


Dwight is on break in the alley at work with Hannah, the cute new waitress, when two of his stupid kitchen co-workers walk out and almost ruin everything. When the black guy comes out, too, Dwight can’t stop his skin from prickling.

After the black guy goes back inside, Dwight explains to the others that soon white people will be the minority and the Race Wars will begin. The other idiots don’t believe him, but Dwight hopes to at least get Hannah on his side before it’s too late.

TITLE: The Mask
AUTHOR: Clare London
ISBN: 9781611523867
GENRE: Adult Humor • Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 6,079 words
PRICE: $2.99


There's a mixed reception for Joey and his friends when they go trick or treating at the exclusive Grosvenor Square Hotel -- everything from hostility to humour to handfuls of caramels. They’re a motley crew -- a swamp monster, a vampire, a red devil, and a ghost in a less than flattering sheet. Joey’s costume is uncomfortable and daft, his friends are unruly, and he’s tired of everyone dismissing his best friend Gaz's awkward stutter. The novelty of the quest soon wears off.

But when Gaz goes missing, Joey learns some home truths about his apparently shy friend. And when they knock at the final door, a horrific masked figure tricks Joey into finding maybe the best treat of all -- that romance has its own, often startling disguise.

TITLE: The Phantom
AUTHOR: Wayne Mansfield
ISBN: 9781611523638
GENRE: Action/Adventure • Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 43,461 words
PRICE: $4.99


Toby has just finished high school and, like most new graduates, he isn't sure what he wants to do with his life. One day he sees an advertisement for deckhands in a local newspaper. What better way to earn a living and see the world than to go to sea in an old-style sailing ship called The Phantom?

Onboard, Toby takes an immediate liking to Tiger, a rugged, masculine man with sun-bleached hair. Unfortunately, Tiger couldn’t care less about Toby. But Paul, the burly second-in-charge, is a completely different story. He feels very protective towards Toby, though he keeps his true feelings a secret.

While at sea, the men of The Phantom get to know each other pretty well. Off the coast of Africa, they encounter mermen and cannibals. Near the gulf of Arabia, they come across giant sea creatures and, in the Red Sea, they meet a djinn.

What amazing discoveries will they make? What other-worldly secrets will be revealed? This an erotic adventure is topped with lashings of fantasy and sprinkled with romance. Join Toby on the adventure of a lifetime, and let him take you to places you could never visit on your own.

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