Sunday, October 14, 2012

10/14/12 ~ New releases from JMS Books & Queerteen Press!

TITLE: Boys Will Be Boys
AUTHOR: Paul Alan Fahey
ISBN: 9781935753681
GENRE: Fiction • Gay • Historical • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 11,235 words
PRICE: $2.99


In the late 1950's, fourteen year old Philip Noland is a gay but sexually inexperienced freshman at St. Sebastian’s, a Catholic high school for boys. Alone and emotionally isolated, with the exception of two friends named O’Riley and Carlin, there are no familiar guideposts for Philip to follow, just an excess of rules and regulations that make no sense to him.

A late bloomer, Philip learns to masturbate effectively and fall in love for the first time, but his greatest challenge isn’t the regimented behavior at St. Sebastian’s -- it's surviving a bully named Molinara who has set his sights on Philip.

Can Philip navigate the minefields of St. Sebastian's and emerge victorious?

TITLE: Playing the Field: Victory Lap
AUTHOR: J.M. Snyder
ISBN: 9781611522303
GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 11,126 words
PRICE: $2.99


At 33, Josh Helton isn't exactly on top of his game. Overweight and out of shape, he's content with his lazy lifestyle until he starts having chest pains.

That wakes him up. After a hard look at his life, he realizes he isn't where he wants to be. His body needs work, and his love life does, too. Ditching his abusive boyfriend is just the beginning. Josh takes up running to get fit, and promises himself he'll run the annual Richmond 10K.

It's on an early morning jog that he meets Chad, a sexy bicyclist who's everything Josh has always wanted in a guy. But Josh isn't confident in himself any more ... so it's up to Chad to make the first move.

TITLE: Portal to Eden
AUTHOR: Tinnean
ISBN: 9781611523614
GENRE: Bisexual • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Lesbian • Science Fiction
LENGTH: 41,118 words
PRICE: $4.99


Terra is overcrowded, but a solution may have been found -- tucked away in Roswell is alien technology that leads to the creation of a method of space travel known as portaling.

A party of soldiers and scientists led by Dr. Emma Bradley, Colonel John Berger, and Dr. Layton Tremayne are about to take what they believe is the first step into the unknown. But what they discover is not only a wonder but a puzzle. The city of Eden on the distant planet Nibiru has obvious Terran influences. Who was there before them?

When Emma, John, and Layton return to Terra, they're dismayed to find things are even worse than they were when the trio left. The atmosphere is on the verge of toxicity and the population is reaching Malthusian proportions. Worse, there are plans afoot to portal the excess population off Terra to planets which may not be what their new inhabitants expect. Most won't survive.

Then they learn that a platoon of soldiers were portaled to Eden for a planned invasion of Nibiru and the surrounding planets. Emma, John, and Layton scramble to stop the military action, but will they be able to take back the city that’s become their home?

TITLE: Stallions & Studs: Back in the Saddle Again
AUTHOR: Terry O'Reilly
ISBN: 9781611523836
GENRE: Contemporary • Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay • Western/Cowboy
LENGTH: 21,298 words
PRICE: $3.99


Long ago, Mack MacIntyre left his life as a wild cowhand in the Big Sky country of Montana behind. For thirty-five years, he’s been a devoted husband, father, and successful New York City businessman.

One day his past comes knocking in the form of his former lover, Seth Buchanan. Seth has a business proposition, and a dream Mack finds hard to refuse.

Even though he’s widowed and his children are grown, does Mack have the courage to come out to his family and return to the wide open spaces of his youth and the love he once shared with this man?

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