Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The Whisper of Time

The Whisper of Time is a time travel novella
published by Whispers Publishing

When fate offers Gwynn Powell a chance to start over, she jumps at the opportunity. Laid off and living with a husband whose gambling problem has eaten through a good part of their savings, Gwynn buys a farmhouse sight unseen, leaving both her marriage and her old home behind.

But fate has more in mind for Gwynn than just a new home. The farmhouse, tucked away in the Green Mountains of Vermont where even GPS can’t find it, is also a step back in time. And Slate Peck, the farm’s caretaker and part owner, is tied to Gwynn’s destiny in ways she never expected.

Available at:
Whispers Publishing

Ute Carbone is novelist and sometimes poet who lives in Southern New Hampshire. She's been married to the same great guy for a lot of years and has two grown sons. She loves hiking, skiing, and generally communing with nature. She's a big fan of wine, chocolate, theater, and really good stories.
She writes women's literary fiction, romantic comedy, and just a bit of romance.
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