Sunday, September 16, 2012

9/16/12 ~ New Releases from JMS Books & Queerteen Press

TITLE: Chevalier Book 1: The Weeping Spear
AUTHOR: Benji Bright
ISBN: 9781611523928
GENRE: Erotic Romance • Fantasy • Fiction • Gay
LENGTH: 8,745 words
PRICE: $2.99


There are tales of dashing knights and blushing ladies, and there are stories of bravery bound to become legend. Then there's the life of a mercenary.

Four swords-for-hire -- Giovanni, the supposed magician; Solister, the armored giant; Casic, the virtuous fighter; and Farrbiner, the drunken healer -- try to make their pockets heavy and their grief light. On their way to fame and fortune, or maybe just notoriety, they encounter every twist and turn the criminal underworld can throw at them. In a world full of double-crosses and shady motivations, can't a man just find a warm place to thrust his sword?

In Book 1: The Weeping Spear, the four mercenaries set off in search of a legendary weapon of myth for a desperate client willing to pay dearly for the spear. Can they work together long enough to take back the weapon from the bandits who nabbed it? Or will what they don’t know about the spear be their undoing?

TITLE: Murrieta Gold
AUTHOR: William Nikkel
ISBN: 9781611523560
GENRE: Action/Adventure • Contemporary • Fiction • Thriller • Western
LENGTH: 78,211 words
PRICE: $6.99


Jack Ferrell clutches a cryptic e-mail his brother Deacon wrote of treasure hunting and buried gold. Now Deacon’s missing, and the authorities won’t get involved. For Jack, a single objective remains.

Find his brother.

Deacon’s trail leads Jack to the historical California gold-rush town of Angels Camp. There he talks to Al Brink, a local drunk Deacon mentioned his notes. Al tells Jack the story he told Deacon -- a wild west tale about a stagecoach robbery committed on the road outside of town in 1862 in which the legendary bandit Joaquin Murrieta and his gang of killers made off with three hundred pounds of gold bars destined for the San Francisco mint. Gold that Murrieta allegedly hid in the nearby mountains during his getaway.

An interesting yarn, and one Jack would’ve believed, if not for the fact Murrieta was killed in 1853 by Captain Love of the California Rangers, his head placed in a jar of brandy and put on display in San Francisco. But Al swears history got it wrong -- Murrieta was alive to commit the robbery in 1862, and Deacon believed it, as well.

Find the gold, find Deacon.

Jack sets out to retrace the fabled bandit’s footsteps. Then he meets Theresa Montero, Murrieta’s great great great granddaughter. The two join forces, and with the aid of valuable clues provided by Ms. Montero’s family Bible, they embark on a quest for the gold.

For Jack, it’s to find his brother. For Theresa, it’s to set history straight.

TITLE: No Turning Back
AUTHOR: Kim Flowers
ISBN: 9781611523744
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Lesbian • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 68,148 words
PRICE: $6.99


The punishment for a seventh-grade dropout runaway is probably pretty harsh, but Ash Barker doesn't care. She can’t waste time or emotions on anyone but her brother, Matt. They were placed in separate foster homes, so Ash runs away to find him. If she fails, she’s headed back to juvenile detention.

Everything is going right on schedule until two kids, Dayna and Kevin, barge into her hideout -- which just happens to be in their house. She ditches the pair fast, but can’t stop thinking about those bruised, skinny kids.

Dayna and Kevin live with abusive parents who force them to stay in their room most of the time. If they go to the authorities for help, they’ll be split up, too. Ash knows how that feels, and she goes back to help, taking the two with her. With any luck, they’ll all help each other along the way.

Meanwhile, as Matt waits for Ash, he can’t resist telling his foster brother and best friend, Jon-Allen, about the plans. They stash food, earn money, and keep watch for the night Ash appears at their bedroom window.

Ash is so happy to be reunited with Matt and to discover she’s falling in love with Dayna that, at first, she doesn’t worry about what they’ll do next. But life on the road begins to take its toll -- they have to resort to shoplifting and scavenging to survive. Ash feels a growing sense of guilt at the disaster she’s made of everyone’s lives. Can she somehow keep her newfound “family” together despite hunger and sickness? Or will she be able to find the strength to reach out for help?

TITLE: The Fabric Within
AUTHOR: Joshua Skye
ISBN: 9781611523577
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Horror • Paranormal • Romance
LENGTH: 7,292 words
PRICE: $2.99


Deeply brooding Jordan is an outcast, a self-imposed loner with a fascination for the darker things. He wallows in his melancholy, dressing the part perfectly, a walking black shadow. Michael is an outsider, too, but he keeps his angst to himself, never giving anyone cause for suspicion. His angry depression is his own, and he intends to keep it that way.

Together they’re an ill-omened pair, and together they seek a path into the dark mysteries of magic and demonic incantation. It’s a fascination they come to regret one night when they call something terrible out of the ether ... something that wants them!

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