Monday, August 13, 2012

WARRIOR, RIDE HARD has ridden in--hard!

Warrior, Ride Hard by Erin O'Quinn
The Iron Warrior 1
 SirenBookStrand "Allure"
Release date: August 8, 2012
Historical M/M romance, HEA, "scorching"

Tag line: For two passionate men, where does lust end and love begin?

Gristle—“tough and hard to swallow”—has rarely allowed anyone in his life to become close to him. One outstanding exception is Tristus, a man he saved ten years before from the urges of lonely soldiers. Tristus became his own lover for eleven months, and then he disappeared. Ten years later, the young pony trainer Wynn is smitten by Gristle’s looks and manner and follows him to his new home in Hibernia (ancient Ireland).
In a flashback, the reader learns that Gristle’s seduction of Tristus was slow and almost sweet, for Tristus had escaped the Picts who murdered his family, and he had likewise suffered the attention of sex-starved soldiers. Their affair is one that taught the younger man about the joys of homoerotic sex, just as it taught Gristle that he is capable of love. His disappearance from sentry duty one night results in a deep subconscious despair in Gristle, who swears that he will never again offer himself up to the vagaries of fate by taking another lover.
Ten years later, when Wynn shows his unbounded interest, Gristle takes him as a lover, in spite of his reservations. The two--one forty years old and the other a 21-year-old virgin--begin to enjoy an intensely passionate affair.
The stories of the three men interweave until at last they all three meet briefly in sacred Tara, home of the High King. Wynn is abducted by druids with sinister and lustful designs, and Tristus wants to follow another man--the famous bishop Patrick. Thus no sooner has Gristle found an old lover and a new one than they are all pulled apart by the one whom Gristle calls “the bitch goddess Fortuna.”

Bio: Erin O'Quinn is the pen name of an author who writes passionately about ancient Ireland in the era of St. Patrick. Warrior, Ride Hard will be followed on Sept. 5 by Warrior, Stand Tall. She lives in the brown hills of central Texas, far from the emerald isle, with her husband and four semiliterate cats.

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  1. Thank you, Dawn Roberto, for allowing me space on your beautiful blogsite. I am excited to be here. I hope your readers will have come comments and questions for me.

    I appreciate your every kindness to me. What a rookie I am when it comes to websites! But now my characters' story can begin to emerge. Slán, Erin

  2. I look forward to your new venture, Erin. If it's anything like your previous works, I can't wait to dig in!

  3. Thanks a lot, Miriam. I appreciate your giving me those words of encouragement. As always, I believe strongly in my guys. I hope readers will find them as engaging as I do. Slán, Erin