Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Release from Breathless Press~ To Tempt a Gypsy

To Tempt a Gypsy by Juliet Chastain
Gypsy Lovers, Book 4
Historical Romance
Breathless Press
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What's a handsome Gypsy to do when a beautiful noblewoman throws herself at him? Can Cambio Adams resist and keep his promise to his betrothed?

There's a reason the Gypsy clan's wise-woman says sweethearts Cambio and Tsura must wait six months before they wed, and that reason is the lovely Lady Chinton—a beautiful and bored aristocrat who always gets what she wants, and what she wants is Cambio Adams.

In this short, sexy read, Cambio seems to be falling into the clutches of the wanton noblewoman who wines and dines him and flirts most charmingly. He is sorely tempted, and the lady knows that if her charm and beauty can't seduce this impoverished Gypsy, her fabulous wealth can. Or so she thinks.

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