Friday, August 17, 2012

New Release from Breathless Press~ A Most Unusual Mistress

A Most Unusual Mistress by Raven McAllan
Rogue Scandel, Book 1
Historical Romance
Breathless Press
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Why be a wife if a mistress has more fun? All Adriana has to do is get Ashley to agree...


Finding her intended bollocks-deep in his mistress when she is trembling with wanting and suppressed desires does not impress Adriana. If being a mistress entails being part of such passion, then a mistress only she will be.

Ashley, Earl of Addersley, thinks otherwise. He wants a wife on his terms. Terms that would send this lady of the Ton screaming...or would they?

An agreement, a challenge, a single night of mind-blowing passion very well may determine the outcome. Wife or mistress? Which shall it be?

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