Friday, August 10, 2012

New From Breathless Press~ Mage's Bane

Mage's Bane by Chacelyn Pierce
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Can Ari, an Akasha Mage, trust the dangerous and sexy male Djinni promising to protect her in the face of evil?


Being a rogue Akasha Mage is no easy feat for Aribelle Delano. Neither is summoning Riaz, a Djinni that makes her knees go weak in a way that would shame her ancestors.

A new threat of demons intent on killing Ari for nefarious purposes has her putting all her trust in Riaz, who swears to protect her in the face of evil. But she's been taught that fully trusting Riaz is unwise, and he's constantly looking for a way to break free of her control.

Ari must face the new demonic threat and handle the Sultan of Old Magic who dominates her mind...and eventually, her body and soul as well. Together, her and Riaz must find a way to stop the demons and their summoner, even if that means breaking the rules that have been in place between the Akasha and Djinn for millenniums.

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