Saturday, August 18, 2012

New from Breathless Press~ Garnet Sky: Crimson and Steel Series

Garnet Sky by Ric Bern
Crimson & Steel Series, Part 3
Breathless Press
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New lovers discover and explore buried passions as existing bonds are challenged by change in the conclusion toCrimson & Steel.

Violence and strife paint the background for the final chapter in this series, much as it has always been. The players vie for position amid the sea of turmoil, unaware that their petty shifting has so little effect on the final outcome. Everyday life goes on. A young wife worries that her husband will not want her after she has had her first child. A sneaking separatist becomes enamored with a lithe aristocratic girl. A mistress trains her new Nubian slaves. A hunter draws down on a deer in the woods. A newcomer feels suffocated by the crush of the market. In the inky darkness they will find one another. They will seek what comfort can be had in the arms of their lovers, regardless of whether society approves.

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