Monday, August 13, 2012

Free Reads at Breathless Press Now Available

In honor of Breathless Press's Birthday this month, the authors from Breathless Press wrote some wonderful free reads for readers to enjoy. Check out these great stories...

A Birthday Wish by Doris O'Connor
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Andy has one wish for his birthday, to see his wife. Work, kids, life, is threatening to tear them apart. Can they bridge the chasm between them, or is it all too late?

An Angel's Kiss by S. J. Thomas
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When warrior angel Azial's desire is awoken by a mortal girl, he is inexplicably drawn to her, experiencing unfathomable pain when he sees her kissing another boy.

Even though contact between angels and mortals is forbidden, when he finds himself alone with her Azial risks all, drawing her out of the mortal plane and straight into his arms.

Her name is Sarah and with her pressed against him, their faces only inches apart, Azial longs to kiss her—his first kiss in all his long life.

Though Sarah knows she shouldn't, she cannot resist Azial and gives him the kiss he wants, but that innocent contact awakens a life altering passion in them both. A passion that will lead to a choice which could bring down the very wrath of heaven.

Ana, Do You Hear Me? by Raven McAllan

Hot dreams are all well and good—until you wake up alone. Ana has decided enough is enough, one last time, and no more. However, does she have a choice?

Damons Touch by Dianne Hartsock
Paranormal M/M

Damon's hunger gnaws at him. He needs to feed soon before desire overrides caution and he enters the village.

For Lacey, the sight of Damon drinking from his brother's throat should repulse him. Instead, he's oddly aroused. Damon is all his fantasies come true. Lovely and dangerous.

As Damon's prisoner, Lacey's love for his beautiful captor grows, but will love be enough to set them both free?

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