Saturday, July 7, 2012

New Release~ Samhat's Tale

Samhat's Tale by Ric Bern
Fantasy, Historical/Ancient, Erotic Romance, Menage (M/F/F/F), Light Bondage
Breathless Press
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From the cradle of human civilization comes the story of a woman caught between duty and desire; an erotic interpretation of the Epic of Gilgamesh.

Gilgamesh is the greatest warrior on earth. He has slain every enemy that has come against him. Many believe he is the physical embodiment of the Bull God. He rules as a king from the rich, walled city-state of Uruk. His body is uniquely flawless and his visage is fresh and wholly masculine. Yet he is troubled and this lends his countenance a scowl which nearly spoils his looks as much as it corrupts his demeanor. Since his rivals have all accepted vassalage he has no more battles to win. He has grown bored with matters of state. His mood has soured. Those he rules suffer most from his melancholy.

Stories come from the edges of his realm; tales of a wild-man that runs with the antelopes. Some say it is half man and half beast. Others are positive it is a different kind of animal all together. He sends a newly acquired plaything to investigate and charges her to bring the mysterious creature to his court. Gilgamesh instructs her to seduce the beast with her voluptuous body. The tablet’s name her Samhat. This is her tale.

About the Author:

I am a lover of Ancient and Dark Age history. I am also an avid reader of erotic fiction. In this, my first published work, I have worked hard with my editor, Jackie Moore, to marry the two together. I work as an office administrator in my everyday life. I also write an ice hockey column for an upstart sports website. In my free time I enjoy hiking and nature photography. I especially enjoy photo-cataloging the butterflies and dragonflies that are native to the county where I live. Landscape painting with acrylics is enjoyable, yet I must admit I haven't done so in some time. I have a cat named Stinky that is my best buddy. I got him at the SPCA a few years ago, and we are inseparable. Conan the Barbarian is my favorite literary figure. I hope to continue writing in this genre, because I feel Vikings are in my future!

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