Friday, June 8, 2012

New Release ~ Unearthed by J.S. Marlo

Unearthed by J.S. Marlo
Duty Bound Series Book Two
Breathless Press 
Romantic Suspense
"Shaped by regrets. Bound by duty. Driven by secrets." Rowan's future is jeopardized by the regrets she harbors and the deadly secrets she unearths.


Obligated to give up the man she loves, Rowan O'Reilly takes over Buccaneer Bed and Breakfast. Though her heart is in shambles, she is drawn to Avery Stone, a mysterious guest who reminds her of Bjorn…and everything she lost.

Haunted by a fatal decision, Avery escapes his past in Buccaneer's attic, but he can't ignore the previous owner's peculiar death, the strange bones exhumed by the spirited Rowan…or the annoying doctor vying for her attention.

As visitors wreak havoc on Buccaneer, Rowan stumbles onto deadly family secrets and unknowingly unearths a murderer. Yet nothing, not even the threat of her predecessor's fate, can stop her from digging for the truth.

About the author:

Born and raised in a small French Canadian town, J.S. Marlo spent her childhood reading and daydreaming stories, but after high school, she set aside pen and paper to earn a business degree.

Military wife and mother of three spirited children, J.S. faced many challenges as her young family moved back and forth across the country. The "memorable" adventures she experienced fueled her imagination and rekindled her passion for writing.

J.S. Marlo is now settled down with her husband in northern Alberta from where she enjoys writing and visiting her grown children...and her little granddoggie.

For more info or updates, visit J.S. Marlo's website.

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