Monday, June 18, 2012

6/17/12 ~ New Releases from JMS Books LLC and Queerteen Press!

TITLE: The Countess
AUTHOR: Wayne C. Rogers
ISBN: 9781611523201
GENRE: BDSM • Contemporary • Erotica • Fiction • Horror • Paranormal
LENGTH: 5,783 words
PRICE: $2.99


After the Countess murdered Jeffrey Pasco, she knew his older brother would eventually come looking for her. Before he died, the young Pasco told her his brother was one of the best assassins in the world and that her time would soon come.

Now that Jonathan Pasco has found her, it’s going to be a fight to the death, one crazed adversary against the other. The question is -- who will win the battle?

NOTE: This story contains explicit scenes of paranormal erotic horror some readers may find disturbing.

TITLE: The Kiss
AUTHOR: Joshua Skye
ISBN: 9781611522860
GENRE: Contemporary • Fiction • Gay • Romance • Young Adult
LENGTH: 2,269 words
PRICE: $1.99


In a teenager’s crush, the are yearnings, fantasies, and profound emotions are as scary as they are thrilling. The very essence of a romantic’s yearnings is the seemingly elusive first kiss.

Like any other teenager, Billy Cooper fantasizes about that kiss, wishes for it, longs for it. The object of his affection is Johnny Creed, one of the most popular boys in school.

But when the moment finally comes, it isn’t quite how he envisions ... especially when he’s caught in the act by his angry mother.

The Kiss is an intense story about the power of first love juxtaposed to the horrors of hate and ignorance.

TITLE: The Year of Spooky Dee
AUTHOR: A. Leigh Jones
ISBN: 9781611523195
GENRE: Erotic Romance • Fiction • Gay • Science Fiction
LENGTH: 3,255 words
PRICE: $1.99


Nick is a rockstar who has everything he ever dreamed of, or so he thinks. But when Dan, his old college buddy and a genius inventor, pays him a visit on tour, he begins to think there's something missing from his glamorous life after all. The tour comes to end, and on Halloween night a surprise delivery turns Nick's life upside down.

Dan, ever the mystery, has left Nick his most precious invention yet -- a gorgeous, one-of-kind cyborg Nick calls Tex, and Nick starts to see there's more to his dream life than he ever expected. Can he put the past behind him and really have it all?

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