Saturday, May 26, 2012

New Release~Unleash by Ambrielle Kirk

Unleash  by Ambrielle Kirk
Soul Bond Book 2
Breathless Press
Multicultural Erotic Paranormal/Fantasy Romance
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Temptation binds the soul of a witch with the heart of a demon.
Raiden, estranged son of Rajin, heir to throne of Kastanbul, has roamed Earth for decades. Feeling undeserving of his freedom from Otherworld, he is also unaccepted by the humans. For this demon, a soul means nothing when purpose is non-existent, but the life he’d settled for is uprooted when he saves an enchanting witch…

Erin escapes the protection of her coven on a journey to solve the mystery of her dreams. Raiden is the only one who can help her find the treasure—the key and possibly the missing link that will banish evil from this realm.

While unearthing age-old secrets of her ancestors, Erin discovers what it means to be wanted instead of cast aside. Taught never to trust freely, she finds acceptance and safety within a demon’s arms, but will she reject her duty to her coven by accepting Raiden’s love?
About the Author:
Ambrielle Kirk lives, works, and plays in Atlanta, GA. She has a serious addiction for reading and writing great stories. Romantic fiction is how she defines her preferred genre, but specializes in writing paranormal, urban fantasy, and erotic romance. She loves alpha-heroes, probably because she married one. Her demanding day job keeps her busy and on her toes, but her characters fill her imagination and keep her up at all hours of the night. For more information, visit her website at 

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